Abortion saga: I might lose – Sarkodie on why he didnt reply Yvonne Nelson

Abortion saga: I might lose – Sarkodie on why he didnt reply Yvonne Nelson

Award-winning Ghanaian rapper Michael Owusu Addo, better known by his stage name Sarkodie, has explained why he decided to record a diss track in response to his ex-girlfriend, Yvonne Nelson, who claimed he had her get an abortion for him when they were still dating in the beginning of their relationship.

According to DAILY POST, Yvonne Nelson claimed that Sarkodie got her pregnant, denied responsibility, and forced her to abort the child in her contentious book, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.”

Sarkodie refuted her claims, saying he wasn’t ready to be a parent but had ordered Yvonne to carry the child, in his similarly contentious song, “Try Me.”

The rapper received harsh criticism for using an entire song to disparage his ex, Yvonne Nelson, with many criticizing his use of language in the song’s lyrics.

However, in a conversation with well-known media personality Angela Yee, Sarkodie stressed that he chose to confront Yvonne’s charges via song in order to precisely tell his side of the story, explaining that he didn’t go on a media tour to address them because he could lose his cool.

The rapper claimed that since he seldom ever responds, people frequently make accusations against him in the media.

The reason I didn’t run Yvonne Nelson’s charges via the media or do any press around them is because I would lose how I would like to present what

“This has happened before. I have created records, or even only a line or two in a record, to solve particular situations. There is a specific energy that I detest channeling, especially while discussing it because I fear losing my composure.

“Given the circumstances, I won’t claim that I’m extremely proud of everything. The issue is simply how I felt at the time, whether it was true or not, and how I should have expressed it.

“I don’t enjoy talking about it because of that. There are two persons having a talk here. If you’d like to discuss it with me as it also affects me, we could have a dialogue. However, because individuals are aware that Sark is silent, they mistakenly believe that they can speak while knowing that Sark won’t respond and that they will escape.



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