Activities of scavengers threatening lives of Osun residents – Urban Alert

Activities of scavengers threatening lives of Osun residents – Urban Alert

Urban Alert, a non-governmental organization, has warned of the growing threat posed by scavengers’ actions to the lives and property of Osun people.

It claimed that because of scavengers’ actions, citizens’ lives were in risk, their property was stolen, and security forces were powerless to stop them.

The organization also claimed that investigations have revealed the scavengers go about their profession armed with hazardous weapons, including knives and daggers, in a petition letter to the Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, signed by Anthony Adejuwon, its Executive Director.

Adeleke was reminded by Urban Alert that earlier administrations had created an identifying system to prevent the evil deeds of scrap scavengers.

The identity system for scrap scavengers, which will be used to collect the primary information on scavengers employed in the state, was pushed to be reorganized and restarted by the Adeleke government.

The letter states, “Recently, Osun State has seen an enormous spike in the destruction brought on by scrap scavengers.

“Scrap scavengers roam the streets, carting away people’s possessions including cooking utensils and metal equipment. They have been reported to security services on several occasions, but with little noticeable success.

According to preliminary inquiries made through our engagement channels, the scavengers also carry blades and daggers.

They might fight law-abiding residents who try to stop them from stealing their property, according to the report.

“This suggests that their actions put the safety of the more than five million residents of Osun’s homes and lives in danger.

“In the meantime, the state’s previous administration had created an identity system to stop scrap scavengers’ criminal actions.

Identity cards and jackets with markings were given to the scavengers after a database was created to record their basic identities.

“So, at that time, this structure was able to checkmate their excesses.

“However, since this system is no longer in place, their rates have increased,”

We thus implore Your Excellency to revamp and relaunch the scrap scavenger identity system so that it can collect the essential information about scavengers operating in the state.

Residents of the state will be able to instantly recognize scavengers, interact with them in the event of an accident, and prevent violence in the communities thanks to an identity system.

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