Actress Bre Hudson: Anfernee Simons Girlfriend Age and Facts To Know

American actress Bre Hudson, aged 24, is the girlfriend of a professional basketball player, Anfernee Simons, 23.

Bre is a professional actress known for her role in Old Man Jackson. In October 2020, Portland Trail Blazers shooting guard and professional NBA player Anfernee Simons surprised his fan and followers, flaunting his girlfriend, Bre Hudson, during his Instagram live. The couple has been in the media eye since they made their relationship public.

Anfernee Tyrik Simons, popularly known as Anfernee Simons, is an American professional basketball player for the Portland Trail Blazer, born on June 8, 1999. He played prep basketball for IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. The basketball player became the first American to enter and be selected in an NBA Draft after graduating from high school since the league first implemented age restriction rules in 2005.

He is one of the youngest players to achieve great miles in the NBA career. The player and his girlfriend, Bre, received many positive comments from their fans and followers as they got together. Likewise, other NBA players Miles Bridges and Mychelle Johnson are also one of the talked about couples. So, let us know more about Anfernee Simons’ girlfriend, actress Bre Hudson.


Quick Facts about Bre Hudson

Full Name Bre Hudson
Date of Birth June 10, 1998
Birthplace Houston, Texas, USA
Age 24 years
Zodiac Gemini
Twitter breezusxhrist



Bre Hudson and Anfernee Simons Age

American actress Bre Hudson is the girlfriend of professional basketball player Anfernee Simons. Her exact age is 24 years old.

Bre is a well-known actress for her notable work in Behind Close Doors, Crystal, and many more. The actress made her acting debut in 2021. However, in a short time, she could rule the hearts of many people and gain massive media attention.


Anfernee and Bre returning home after Anfernee won the Slam Dunk trophy.
Anfernee and Bre returning home after Anfernee won the Slam Dunk trophy. ( Source : republicworld )


In October 2020, Anfernee Simons introduced his girlfriend, Bre Hudson, to his fans and followers through his Instagram Live, according to NBC’s Sports Northwest. Hudson has a good amount of followers on Instagram, with 90k followers, as she is a brand ambassador and an American actress.

After making their relationship public, the actress also posted an adorable picture of her and Simons on her Twitter feed. On the post, one fan commented, “Blazers fans ask that you make sure your talented man work hard on his game and his confidence this off-season.” Hudson was active on her social media. However, shortly before, she deactivated all her social media accounts, including her Instagram and Twitter.

Bre and her boyfriend, Anfernee are having a great relationship together and are spotted together at different sites as well.

Let’s Know Some Facts About Bre Hudson

  1. Bre is an American actress who debuted in 2021. Her first professional debut was in the movie Old Man Jackson.
  2. The actress was born on June 10, 1998, in Houston, Texas, United States of America.
  3. As she was born in 1998 and her boyfriend, Anfernee, was born in 1999, they have one year of an age gap between them.
  4. Bre has a massive media following of 90.6 thousand followers on her Instagram account.
  5. The American actress is also a brand ambassador for different fashion labels, along with her acting career.


Bre Hudson rocking the stunning off corset styled look as she attends an event
Bre Hudson rocking the stunning off corset styled look as she attends an event ( Source : archive )


Facts To know

Who is Anfernee Simons’ Girlfriend?

Bre Hudson an American actress is Anfernee Simons current girlfriend

Who is Anfernee Simons?

Anfernee Simons is a professional basketball player who plays in the NBA.

What is the gae gap between Bre Hudson and her boyfriend, Anfernee Simons ?

Bre Hudson was born on 1998, whereas her boyfriend, Anfernee Simons was born on 1999. So, they have an age gap of 1 year.

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