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Agbala Gabriel Biography
Agbala Gabriel

Prophet Gabriel Ademola Olasunbo, is the General Overseer, Agbala Gabriel in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state in Nigeria. He is 30 years Old. The popular Clergyman is known as a philanthropist and destiny helper of some helpless individuals, old actors and actresses in the South Western part of Nigeria.

The Cleric uses his official Facebook page and goes live whenever he wants to gather money to help people.


Pastor Agbala Gabriel is 30 years old as of 2023.

Early life

Though Pastor Gabriel was born in Ibadan, he was once a conductor in Lagos and agreed on the fact that his early life did not reflect the name, Gabriel. Then, he claimed to love hooligans and women. He made it known that his hooliganism lifestyle made him involved in some ungodly things such as having sex beside the church after a vigil in those days.

Pastor Gabriel’s in God’s Vineyard

His active service in the vineyard started in 2015, November, first Monday when a hand touched him.  According to him, “Although, I don’t have a Bible, but my 85 years old grandma called me to drum and say something during the service and that was the beginning of the journey and I ministered that night and power changed hands in my life” he stated.

According to him, it has once been revealed that a great man would come up in their family in which the whole world would rally around. “My family did not believe in the calling despite the prophecy, Jesus Christ performed signs and wonders but had no value in his own town” he said categorically.
He therefore advised other men of God that they should not beg anybody to believe in their vision and if they see people that don’t believe their vision, walk away from them and would come to rejoice with them when truth manifests.

He also talked about the name Agbala Daniel, which a lot of people gave to him. He does remember, though, how the name Agbala Gabriel came to be. “My grandmother created Agbala Gabriel because she was a servant of God, but a passing prophet had already told her that her grandson would become a well-known man of God,” he says.

“From 2014 to 2018, I worked in the vineyard with his grandmother.” They also work together against me, but they don’t know that God is planning a bigger place in Oluwo, where the prophecy came true and where the first sign read “Agbala Gabriel,” he said. He said that when he made a Facebook page, he called it both Agbala Gabriel Global page and Agbala Gabriel page. “Look at what the page is doing around the world to help the less fortunate reach their goals and dreams in life. Mercy follows the vision,” he said with conviction.

People who pastor Gabriels has helped

Pastor Gabriel through his own way of soliciting help across the world with his Facebook page. He has a number of people who have benefited from his good gestures.

Construction Of Home For Actress Iya Ibeji Omo Araye

Iya Ibeji omo araye le House Worming preparation, Iya ibeji said am health  thanks you pastor Gabriel - YouTube

A two-bedroom apartment was built for veteran actress, Iya Ibeji, who is currently suffering from a stroke. This kind of act was widely praised and is one of the first public kindness to rendered by Pastor Agbala Gabriel. but Nigerian actress Foluke Daramola, who has been taking care of Iya Ibeji, expressed disappointment that she wasn’t consulted before the veteran was taken to the prophet.

But Foluke Daramola, a Nigerian actor who has been taking care of Iya Ibeji, was upset that she wasn’t asked for her opinion before the veteran was taken to the prophet.

Iya ibeji omo araye le house is complete with the help of Pastor Gabriel -  YouTube

Foluke Daramola rented Iya Ibeji a two-bedroom flat in the Ikorodu neighbourhood of Lagos. But in a recent interview, Agbala Gabriel, the prophet, said that even though Iya Ibeji is no longer in his care, he will keep building the house in a remote part of Ibadan. The priest also told the story of how he met Iya Ibeji and got the money to buy land and start building.

According to the pastor, he said he spent close to 12 Million Naira on the project of the house.

Over 5 Million Naira and Car for Iya Gbonkan

Actress Iya Gbonkan gets N5m from Nigerians following cry for help 1

The prophet initiated plans to raise money from people all over the world to make Iya Gbonkan dream a reality after she cried out for help.

Pastor Agbala Gabriel raise another 3 million Naira to complete Iya Gbonkan House, 500K Naira for Abeni Agbon, 500K Naira for Tamotiye (Photos)

Over N5 million was contributed so far towards her car and house project.


Pastor Agbala Gabriel raise another 3 million Naira to complete Iya Gbonkan House, 500K Naira for Abeni Agbon, 500K Naira for Tamotiye (Photos)

It would be recalled that a few days after Iya Gbonkan came out and said she wanted a car after working as a Yoruba actress for many years, the General Overseer of a famous church, Prophet GBL Gabriel, got millions of people to donate money for the popular actress. Millions of naira have been raised so far to help Iya Gbonkan finish building her house in Osogbo, and a salesman in the UK gave her money to buy a car. Concerned Nigerians have been giving more money to keep her alive, and Saheed Osupa was one of them. He promised N300,000.

A month after this, the pastor also delivered a set of furniture to Iya Gbonkan’s new house in Osogbo.

N500k each for Abeni Agbon and Tamotiye

Pastor Agbala Gabriel raise another 3 million Naira to complete Iya Gbonkan House, 500K Naira for Abeni Agbon, 500K Naira for Tamotiye (Photos)

Nollywood actresses Abeni Agbon and Tamotiye who lived nearby Iya Gbonkan’s house are also part of the beneficiary of the Man of God’s gesture in the sone of Five hundred thousand naira each.

Agbala Gabriel Number

The official number of Pastor Gabriel Agbala is 07054900751

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