Allegations of infidelity gain prominence in entertainment industry

The entertainment sector in Nigeria has been dominated by fidelity allegations.

Numerous celebrity partnerships have ended because of adultery claims over the years.

Although infidelity can occur in any relationship, there is a significant distinction when it comes to celebrity affairs. Everyone is aware of it.

Due of their irresponsibility or simple fame, these celebrities are prone to controversy.

The profession is still rife with problems, from claims of adultery to divorces.

Some celebrity relationships are still going strong after enduring some difficult times.

The DAILY POST highlights recent contentious news that is trending in the marketplace.


Recently, an infidelity scandal involving well-known Nigerian afrobeat artist David Adeleke, often known as Davido, and his wife Chioma Rowland went viral online.

Davido was charged on Monday with getting two foreign-based women, Anita Brown and Ivanna Bay, impregnated despite being married to Chioma Rowland, his longtime lover.

Billie W

Popular Nigerian singer-turned-politician Bankole Wellington, often known as Banky W, was charged on Saturday with having an extramarital affair with Niyola, a former signee.

The self-proclaimed Mrs. Wellington, USA chapter and Banky W, who is now trending on the internet due to unsubstantiated cheating allegations, were both charged with having an affair.

Obidi Korra

After her white husband, Doctor Justin Dean, accused her of adultery in February 2022, the Nigerian-American dancer gained notoriety.

During an Instagram live session in May 2022, Korra confessed to having an affair with her husband but said it had only ever happened once.

I’m not a frequent cheater; in fact, I’m quite the opposite. I had an affair before I came to America during Trump’s presidency. I’m sorry about it; the relationship only lasted for one date.

Tochie Yul

In April 2022, the actor created news when he revealed Judy Austin as his second wife.

Many Nigerians voiced their dismay in him, including fellow entertainers like Daddy Freeze, Uche Maduagwu, Uche Ogbodo, and Rita Edochie, among others.

Damola Olatunji, an actor

Popular Yoruba actress Bukola Awoyemi, well known by her stage as Bukola Arugba, had previously divorced from her actor husband Damola Olatunji.

She left the star’s home because of an alleged affair, which the actor has denied.

Actors Guild of Nigeria, Abuja Chapter Chairman and President of the Association of Entertainment Practitioners, Onwurah Agility, responded to the trend by saying: “I guess it’s because we are in people’s sights; every news, whether it is what it is or not, is trending.

And no matter what, the majority of us who are celebrities are occasionally pressured to do a lot of things. As the Chairman, for instance, my wife eventually needs to comprehend that if you constantly check my phone to see what messages people are sending me, you might not be able to handle it if your heart is weak.

Because we are men, the majority of these are temptations. But you must cultivate a strong bond with your partner. Create a trust that will be useful because temptations are there everywhere you go; they were once prevalent in universities but are now frequently found in offices.

“The answer is to try communicating more because there may occasionally be a small communication gap that causes you to succumb to temptations and some of these things that are occurring.

“Sometimes people want to think that adultery is a one-time occurrence, that it is just an adventure that will start and end. Once you complete the one-off, you keep doing it because there are ways that crime seems to bring you momentary joy, but

In a similar vein, Adewole Johnson, a relationship consultant based in Abuja, named poor role models, peer pressure, a lack of accountability, a desire for varied kinds of sex, and a sense of entitlement as reasons why people cheat in celebrity relationships.

He claimed that many famous and well-known people feel entitled to cheat on their partners and do it without consequence.

since of the companies they maintain, celebrities are frequently involved in cheating scandals since they believe adultery to be the norm. People who witness their fathers, friends, or other role models engaging in dishonest behavior occasionally copy those actions.

In addition, he added, “many of them want to satiate sexual curiosity brought on by their desire for a different kind of intercourse.

In his discussion of the solution, he exhorted well-known people to be accountable to their spouses.

Finally, he suggested, “Spend quality time with your spouse.”


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