Are You Ready? Every Product Placement We Spotted in Lizzo’s New ‘2 Be Ready’ Video

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Lizzo’s new self-love anthem 2 Be Loved follows the superstar ditching herself at the alter on a quest to discover if she really is ready to be loved. “How am I supposed to love somebody else? When I don’t like myself,” croons Lizzo, as she sashays down a desert road in her wedding dress and a pair of chic white laced-up combat boots.

While it’s unclear what brand of boots Lizzo is sporting, you can easily recreate her style with these Dr. Marten lace-up boots, made from fine-grain leather and designed with a smooth, glossy finish.

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That’s not the only cool product we saw in the Grammy-winning singer’s trending music video though. In another still, while Lizzo’s making out with a tree (yes, really) her friends are busy capturing the comedic moment on Google’s new Pixel 6A smartphone. Just recently released, this affordable smartphone packs a battery life that can last a full 24 hours and stellar camera features — including Google’s magic eraser function which lets you erase out the objects in your surroundings so you’re the sole focus.

Buy Google Pixel 6A $449.00

The newest addition in the Pixel line also packs IP67 water resistance for minor spills and a clear OLED display so you can stream Lizzo’s latest video on your new device.

Following her perfect-man-turned-tree fantasy ending rather abruptly, Lizzo’s self-discovery adventure continues after she chases her friends through the desert. The group finally ends up at a cozy campfire at dusk with a cooler of Patrón tequila — and an outfit change.

Dressed to the nines in a bedazzled sparkling silver dress and accessories, Lizzo can be seen enjoying a glass of chilled Patrón with her possé of friends.


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In true Lizzo fashion, the musician busts out some sick dance moves, embracing her self-confidence in a pair of high-waisted nude mesh briefs, quite similar to these sculpting bottoms you can purchase on Yitty, Lizzo’s own shapewear brand.

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While product placement is nothing new in music videos, we do love how Lizzo has at least tried to weave the phone and tequila into the storyline. And knowing Lizzo, every video concept, plotline and product tie-in was likely personally vetted and approved by the artist herself. See all the products in action for yourself in the music video here.

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