Australian Singer Linda Marigliano’s Partner Magnus and Podcast Details

Confirm Details Of Australian Singer Linda Marigliano's Partner Magnus and Podcast

Linda Marigliano pictured around two years ago ( Source : pedestrian )

Magnus is the partner of singer Linda Marigliano, and they have been together for over five years.

After starting her professional career in the media at only 19, Linda Marigliano has established herself as a reputed face in the Australian media networks.

She started her hosting career in 2003 when she presented the weekday afternoon shift on FBi Radio. Growing and learning in the sector, she quickly climbed up the ladders to develop her reputation as a promising presenter and eventually landed a job at Triple J.

The lady secured a full-time job at Triple J in 2007 and worked in the company for around twelve years before leaving the station in 2019 to move across ABC Television, reports Wikipedia. After leaving the radio sector, the lady also started her podcast under the title Tough Love, where she has found deserved success.

Thousands of people follow her regularly, and they not only look into her professional journey but also take a keen interest in her love life. Linda was reportedly dating her longtime partner, Magnus, but their current scenario has been confusing for the fans who now wonder if the couple is still together.


Quick Facts On Linda Marigliano

Real Name Linda Marigliano
Age 38
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Nationality Australian
Relationship Status Dating
Boyfriend Magnus
Instagram @lindamarigliano
Twitter @lindamarigliano



Linda Marigliano Partner Magnus: Are They Still Together?

Magnus is a low-key person, unlike his celebrity partner Linda.

Australian presenter Linda Marigliano is still considered together with her partner, Magnus, despite the lack of recent updates.

Linda and Magnus started dating more than five years ago when they went on a date set up by their common friend on the lady’s visit to Los Angeles. After her friend Nina insisted that they would hit off right from the start, Marigliano agreed to the date, and her friend was, in fact, absolutely spot on.


Linda Marigliano pictured for Aspire Talent Group profile
Linda Marigliano pictured for Aspire Talent Group profile ( Source : aspiretalentgroup )


They spent around four to five days together in LA after the first date before the presenter flew back to Australia. Following their lovely time in the US, the two stayed in a long-distance relationship for years as they took turns visiting each other, reports SBS.

After multiple years of a long-distance relationship, the couple had finally planned to move together and live in LA. Linda had prepared everything to move to the States and had waved her goodbyes, but the COVID pandemic forced her to stay in Australia and cancel their plans.

Since then, there have been no concrete updates about the couple. A few sources claim that the woman has moved to LA in recent times. So she might be together with her boyfriend.

However, the 38-year-old has not shared details of her love life on the internet. She has not uploaded any photos of her partner on her social media accounts; thus, their current status remains unknown. But as there are no mentions of their breakup, there is a feeling that the love birds might still be together.

Linda Marigliano Hosts The Tough Love Podcast

Linda Marigliano started her podcast series under the name Tough Love in 2021, which has six episodes.

She started the project to open up about the moments that significantly affected her life and share her journey with the fans. After the pandemic ruined her long-envisioned plans, the lady finally commenced the podcast work.

In the first episode of Tough Love, which premiered in January 2021, Linda opens up about her big plans in 2020 and how she went back to her childhood bedroom after everything failed. You can listen to all the episodes on Spotify. The last part of the series came in May 2021.

Linda Marigliano Has A Substantial Net Worth

Australian presenter Linda Marigliano is a millionaire with a net worth of around $1.5 million, reports All Famous Birthday.


Linda Marigliano pictured for the cover photo of her podcast series, Tough Love
Linda Marigliano pictured for the cover photo of her podcast series, Tough Love ( Source : podpage )


It approximates the woman’s fortune based on her long career in the media industry spanning around two decades. Marigliano began her radio career in 2003 and eventually accumulated experience and skills to elevate her career further and work with multiple portals.

Zip Recruiter mentions that the average annual salary of a radio host in the United States at present is over $108 thousand. As Linda worked as a host for more than one and a half decades, she most certainly generated pretty good revenue during her long career.

Hence, the sources claim she has the considerable wealth at her disposal, given her successful journey, even though the official verification remains pending.


Some Facts

Is Linda Marigliano Married?

No, Linda Marigliano is not yet married but she reportedly is in a long term relationship with her partner.

Is Linda Marigliano Still Together With Magnus?

Linda Marigliano is still considered together with her boyfriend, Magnus, despite the lack of recent updates.

What Is Linda Marigliano Net Worth?

Linda Marigliano has a net worth of around $1.5 million, which she accumulated through her hosting career spanning around two decades.

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