BBNaija Reunion: Deji manipulated me into thinking I have mental disorder – Chichi

BBNaija Reunion: Deji manipulated me into thinking I have mental disorder – Chichi

Chichi said at a point she succumbed to Deji’s manipulations as she started thinking she could be suffering from a mental illness making her overreact.

She said, “At a point, he [Deji] would tell me, you need a psychologist. At a point, I started buying the idea; I think I have a [mental] problem because of the way I was being treated.

“I was manipulated to think I have a problem. He would do something bad to me outside and when we come in and I’m telling him, Deji, I feel like you are treating me like this. Deji would tell me I’m overthinking it. You would need a therapist.

Chichi claimed that she eventually gave in to Deji’s manipulations after beginning to suspect that she might be experiencing a mental disorder that was causing her to overreact.

She said, “He [Deji] will tell me at some time that you need a psychologist. I eventually began to believe the theory that I have a [mental] condition as a result of how I was treated.

“I was duped into believing I have a problem. When we entered the house after he had done something wrong to me outdoors, I told him, “Deji, I feel like you are treating me like this.” I suppose Deji would say I’m overthinking it. You would require counseling.

“Ebuka, I accepted that notion. I began to feel like I was overreacting and that I needed to see a therapist. My frustration was that, other from Amaka, none of the other housemates approached me when we had problems in SA. Not even once did she ask me. ‘Hope you’re okay,’ she merely remarked. You won’t need to worry, I assure you. I then thanked you sincerely for attending.

“Everyone in the house traveled to Deji. Nobody approached me and asked, “Chichi, are you alright? ”

Deji continued to sneak into Chichi’s hotel room “every night like a male prostitute” after the reality program, according to Chichi.

She claimed that he would clean and fold her clothes just to pass the time at her house.

Deji, who attended via Skype, was questioned by the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, about whether he spent every night in Chichi’s hotel room as she alleged.

“Ebuka, let me tell you something, I wasn’t in her hotel room every night,” Deji retorted. But in this case, I was familiar with your tale since I had met you within the House. We all observed what happened on the stage as soon as we exited the house; this girl was practically alone there.

For each of us, the circumstance was unique. Do you believe that she will leave the House and that I shouldn’t support her emotionally and in all other ways? Find out my initial purpose for being in her hotel room by asking her. You seem to be trying to manipulate the issue, in my opinion. You left the house knowing you needed me, and I was there for you whenever you needed me. I won’t be claiming that I did this for you, that for you, or anything else like that. That’s not how I feel.

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