Blossom Tales II gives the Zelda formula a cute meta-narrative touch

The only Zelda game I’ve played was Link’s Awakening, on the Game Boy. I do not feel short changed by this. In fact I get the distinct impression it was one of the best, if not the one that most distilled the series’ essence.

That essence has made its way into Blossom Tales II, a charming light adventure game in the classic “going on an adventure” sense rather than the “rubbing every item on every other item until you’re allowed to play again” genre sense.

You’re playing out a story playfully told by your grandfather, who’s cast you as the wee hero of a village out to rescue your brother from the sinister Minotaur King. Both of you occasionally interject, sometimes prompting a decision that changes the game a little as your granddad amends things to your liking. It doesn’t go to the full meta-narrative lengths of a Juarez Gunslinger with it, but it’s a cute touch and keeps the framing relevant.

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