Brawlhalla Tier List – The best Legends to pick [August 2022]


S Tier

Macho Man character fighting

The Legends in this tier are the best in-game in all aspects. However, choosing them won’t guarantee you a win as it entirely depends on your skills and play style. Now that you know which are the best legends on the Brawlhalla tier list, start sliding towards the worst, so you’d know you to skip and who to pick.

Character Weapons
Ezio Sword, Orb
Luke Blasters, Gauntlets
Ken Gauntlets, Orb
Lord Vraxx Rocket Lance, Blasters
Scarlet Hammer, Rocket Lance
Teros Axe, Hammer
Koji Bow, Sword
Thor Hammer, Orb
Petra Gauntlets, Orb
Jaeyun Great Sword, Sword
Mako Great Sword, Katars
Magyar Great Sword, Hammer
Arcadia Spear, Greatsword
Daimio Scythe, Gauntlets
The Rock Hammer, Katars
Raphael Katars, Axe
Chun Li Gauntlets, Spear
Snake Eyes Sword, Blasters


A Tier

Brawlhalla character doing a combo

This tier comprises average Legends who constantly require support from the top options to tackle enemies. You can use them if you have completely mastered their skills and abilities. Otherwise, add a Legend from the top of Brawlhalla tier list to balance the team.

Character Weapons
Bodvar Hammer, Sword
Sentinel Hammer, Katars
Barraza Hammer, Blasters
Azoth Bow, Axe
Kor Gauntlets, Hammer
Wu Shang Gauntlets, Spear
Cross Blasters, Gauntlets
Zariel Gauntlets, Bow
Onyx Gauntlets, Cannon
King Knight Rocket Lance, Sword
Plague Knight Gauntlets, Katars
Enchantress Scythe, Orb
Finn Axe, Sword
Jake Gauntlets, Hammer
John Cena Sword, Spear
Becky Lynch Hammer, Spear
The Undertaker Hammer, Orb
Amethyst Cannon, Axe
Pearl Spear, Bow
Daryl Bow, Katars
Rick Axe, Blasters
Michelangelo Gauntlets, Sword
Leonardo Sword, Scythe
Ryu Gauntlets, Orb
Akuma Gauntlets, Sword
Dhalsim Gauntlets, Axe
Storm Shadow Bow, Sword


B Tier

Brawlhalla Switch screenshot

This tier is the place for Legends who don’t fit in the current meta and face difficulties when facing new Legends. You can use them if your rank is way too low, or the lobby has top tier Legends.

Character Weapons
Cassidy Blasters, Hammer
Orion Rocket Lance, Spear
Gnash Hammer, Spear
Thatch Sword, Blasters
Ada Blasters, Spear
Ember Bow, Katars
Diana Blasters, Bow
Val Gauntlets, Sword
Ragnir Katars, Axe
Artemis Scythe, Rocket Lance
Caspian Katars, Gauntlets
Sidra Cannon, Sword
Xull Cannon, Axe
Kaya Spear, Bow
Rayman Axe, Gauntlets
Vector Rocket Lance, Bow
Reno Blasters, Orb
Munin Bow, Scythe
Shovel Knight Hammer, Spear
Xavier Woods Hammer, Sword
Asuka Spear, Katars
Roman Reigns Axe, Hammer
Stevonnie Gauntlets, Sword
Garnet Gauntlets, Orb
Lara Croft Bow, Blasters
Heatblast Blasters, Spear
Michonne Bow, Sword
Negan Sword, Greatsword
Maggie Axe, Sword
Po Gauntlets, Spear
Tigress Katars, Sword
Donatello Scythe, Spear
M. Bison Hammer, Orb
Sakura Katars, Cannon


C Tier

Brawlhalla Rayman character fist pumping

The Legends in this tier are completely out of meta and are rarely picked due to their stats. It is not advised to use them in any other modes except for Bot matches. In order to use them, the developers have to bring significant changes in their skill sets. Say hi to the worst Legends in the game and on our Brawlhalla tier list.

Character Weapons
Queen Nai Spear, Katars
Hattori Sword, Spear
Sir Roland Rocket Lance, Sword
Lucien Katars, Blasters
Brynn Axe, Spear
Asuri Katars, Sword
Ulgrim Axe, Rocket Lance
Jhala Sword, Axe
Mirage Scythe, Spear
Nix Scythe, Blasters
Mordex Scythe, Gauntlets
Yumiko Hammer, Bow
Isaiah Cannon, Blaster
Jiro Sword, Scythe
Lin Fei Katars, Cannon
Dusk Spear, Orb
Fait Scythe, Orb
Volkov Scythe, Axe
Black Knight Rocket Lance, Spear
Specter Knight Scythe, Blasters
Globox Blasters, Hammer
Barbara Axe, Spear
Hellboy Blasters, Gauntlets
Nimue Spear, Orb
Gruagach Axe, Hammer
Princess Bubblegum Rocket Lance, Blasters
Macho Man Axe, Rocket Lance
Diamondhead Gauntlets, Katars
Four Arms Gauntlets, Hammer
Tai Lung Scythe, Gauntlets

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