Deidre Angela Shaw Net Worth, All About Angela Lansbury’s Daughter

Who Is Deidre Angela Shaw? Everything To Know About Angela Lansbury's Daughter, Her Net Worth, Career And Others

The famous actress Angela Lansbury with her husband Peter Shaw during her youth ( Source : sportskeeda )

Deidre Angela, the daughter of actress Angela Lansbury, has an estimated net worth of $100,000, according to loveohust.com. Here’s how.

Deidre Angela was born in April 1953. She was raised in Malibu along with her sibling Anthony Pullen. Her parents, Angela Lansbury and Peter Shaw together juggled amidst their careers and raised their children.

As of 2022, Shaw is 69 years old. Her father Peter was an English actor and a producer. In her early teens, she, unfortunately, got involved with drugs. After that, her mother, Angela, decided to move to County Cork, Ireland to aid her and her brother together.

Shaw’s mother put her before her career and made sure she was well taken care of. Angela brought her children to be Episcopalian, although they were not members of the congregation. In an interview, Angela shared that she believes god is within all of us and we have to put our faith and trust in that.

Deidre was married to her husband, chef Enzo Battara. They opened a restaurant in Los Angeles called Enzo and Angela. It was an Italian restaurant. They had their first meet in Italy and have been cooking together for a long time.


Details about Deidre Angela Shaw

Full name Deidre Angela Shaw
Age 69 years
Birth date April 26, 1953
Birth place Los Angeles, USA
Parents Angela Lansbury and Peter Shaw
Profession Restaurant Owner
Spouse Enzo Battarra
Net worth $100,000



Deidre Angela Shaw Net Worth: How Rich Is Angela Lansbury’s Daughter?

Deidre Angela Shaw is in the restaurant business and has an estimated net worth of $100,000, according to loveohlust.com.

Her mother comes under the list of veteran actresses covered by trendingpal.com like Joyce Bulifant. Angela Lansbury’s daughter Deidre Angela Shaw decided to follow a different career path, unlike her family members. She got into the restaurant world along with her husband.

The husband-wife duo has an Instagram page for showcasing their Italian Cuisine. Under the username of @enzoandangela, the Instagram profile has 6,775 followers and 107 posts. We can find several stunning pictures of several dishes on the feed.


Deidre Angela Shaw with her mother Dame Angela Lansbury at Blithe Spirit Opening Party

Deidre Angela Shaw with her mother Dame Angela Lansbury at Blithe Spirit Opening Party ( Source : google )


Deidre shares an immense resemblance with her mom. The veteran Tv star Angela Lansbury’s child, Deidre Angela Shaw, often talks about her mother and never fails to disclose how proud she is of her mother.

Her brother Anthony Pullen Shaw is a director and actor. He is known for A Bridge too far, The Spy Who Loved Me, and the North Sea Hijack. Their mother, Angela Lansbury passed away on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, at the age of 96.

The Lansbury family released a statement about her demise quoting, The children of Dame Angela Lansbury are sad to announce that their mother passed away peacefully in her sleep at home in Los Angeles at 1:30 AM today, Tuesday, October 11, 2022, just five days after her 97th birthday.

Deidre Angela Shaw Age and Early Life

Deidre Angela grew up with her brother Anthony Pullen Shaw in Maibu. The siblings had a very good bond and they spend most of their childhood together.

Deidre’s life changed drastically during her teenage years as she got addicted to drugs along with brother Anthony. In an interview, her mother Lansbury stated that the children’s father nearly upended when he discovered that both of their young teenage children were experimenting with heavy drugs.

She added, “It started with cannabis but moved to more heavy substances. There were factions up in the hills above Malibu that were dedicated to deadly pursuits. ”

As a result of her addiction, she had to move to County Cork, Ireland along with her mother and brother. The siblings got immense care and guidance from their mother who set aside her career for the purpose of their aid.

Moreover, Lansbury also claimed that she and her husband had no understanding of what was going on during that time. However, both Anthony and Deidre pulled out of their bad habits eventually. Her brother decided to pursue a career as an actor, however, she got into the cuisine business.

Deidre Angela Shaw Husband Enzo Battarra

Deidre Angela Shaw’s husband Enzo Battarra is a trained chef and specializes in different types of Italian dishes.

Enzo Battarra is from Italy. The couple first met in Battarra’s native land. He was the manager of the delightful “Ristorante Positano” along with his wife Deidre. The restaurant eventually changed its name and location to Enzo and Angela and moved to Los Angeles.


Deidre Angela Shaw with her husband Enzo Battarra
Deidre Angela Shaw with her husband Enzo Battarra ( Source : loveohlust )


Angela Lansbury often talked about the Italian Restaurant her daughter owned. Moreover, she also posted on Lansbury’s fan club page, The Biggest Angela Lansbury Fans Community Online, that Enzo and Angela were very much charming and stylish.

Both Enzo and Angela have a great interest and enthusiasm for cuisine and hospitality services. They are very much devoted to their restaurant business. However, the Italian Restaurant they owned eventually closed in the year 2019.

Deidre Angela Shaw Saved From Charles Manson When Young

Deidre Angela Shaw was saved from Charles Manson’s cult in the late 1960s by her mother shortly before the members carried out a series of slayings. The incident tremendously shocked the entire world.

Angela had fallen in with Manson’s posse as a teenager according to her mother Lansbury. She was heartbroken to see her daughter in a crowd that was led by Charles Manson.


Charles Manson, the American Cult Leader whose followers carried out several crimes in the 1960s
Charles Manson, the American Cult Leader whose followers carried out several crimes in the 1960s ( Source : nymag )

She was one of the many young people who knew him and was fascinated by him since he was a very extraordinary person with a charismatic personality. After discovering her daughter’s situation, the mother decided to move the family into a new land in County Cork.

Lansbury devoted her full time to raising her teenage daughter full time. At the same time, she learned how to cook and do all the household chores. The uprooting of the family and a new life adopted by her parents helped Angela to pull herself out of all the bad habits she had been a victim of.

Manson had led the Manson Family, a Southern California commune and cult during the late 1960s. Lots of members committed nine murders during July and August of 1969. The incident included the brutal slaying of Roman Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate. Sharon was pregnant during that time. Charles Manson was convicted of his crime and he eventually passed away behind the bars in 2017.


Some FAQs

How old is Deidre Angela Shaw?

Deidre Angela Shaw is 69 years old as of 2022

Who is the mother of Deidre Angela Shaw?

Deidre Angela Shaw’s mother is the popular veteran actress Angela Lansbury

What is the net worth of Deidre Angela Shaw?

Deidre Angela Shaw has a net worth of $100,000

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