Destiny 2 Season Of Plunder: Seasonal Challenges Guide Week 1

A new season in Destiny 2 means new activities, loot, and seasonal challenges to pursue. As usual, you can expect a few months of new objectives to burn through that tie into the general themes of the season and pushes you to explore all corners of Destiny 2 in exchange for a generous amount of experience points.

That steady flow of experience will help fill up your season pass sooner so that you can grab even more loot in the process to outfit your Guardian with in Season of Plunder. You can also tackle seasonal challenges at your own pace, as they’ll only expire once a season concludes. If you decide to take a break from Destiny 2 for a week or two, you can return and complete multiple challenges at the same time.

To start knocking several objectives quickly, head down to Europe and transmat to Eventide Pass. The Bunker E-15 Lost Sector is just a few leaps away, and you can burn through Vex easily with a fusion rifle equipped. You can also equip a long-range weapon to quickly complete that objective.

Other tasks this week include an introduction to the new Ketchcrash activity, a return to the Gambit stomping grounds, and fighting Fallen in Vanguard strikes. You’ve got a week to complete Flourish of Power before Mayhem rotates out of the PvP playlist on August 30 for a while, so now is a good time to get a quick handle on your overhauled Arc 3.0 Supers.

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Week 1

Successful Expedition

Obtain Plundered Umbral energy from bonus chests in Expedition.

Antiquarian I

Return the first relic to the HELM. Defeat combatants on Europa. Defeating combatants with a Fusion Rifle will award bonus progress.

Fire Discipline

Complete Ketchcrash activities and activate cannons aboard the deck of your Ketch.

Shaper I

Shape three unique seasonal weapons.

Europa Activities

On Europa, earn progress by completing Bounties, Lost Sectors, Patrols, and Public Events.

Taking All Challenges

Complete weekly playlist challenges.

Long-Range Calibration

Calibrate long-range weapons–pulse rifles, bows, and trace rifles–on Europa. Bonus progress in Lost Sectors.

Dredgin’ Up Victory

Complete Gambit matches. Earn bonus progress for wins.

Flourish of Power

Defeat Guardians in the Mayhem playlist with Super abilities.

The Fallen Fall

Defeat Fallen combatants in Vanguard playlists or strikes. Earn bonus progress for defeating tougher combatants.

How Do Seasonal Challenges Work?

Seasonal Challenges can be accessed from the Quests tab in your main menu, which is where you’ll find tasks that revolve around eliminating certain enemies with a specific element, taking part in one of the game’s new activities, or completing a Raid. Each challenge can be completed once per account, and each week will usually add around 10 new challenges which will be active for the duration of the season.

Completing Season of Plunder’s challenges will fulfill the requirements for the seasonal challenge, which in turn will net you a large Bright Dust reward that can be spent in the Eververse store on select cosmetics, emotes, and items.

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