Does David Muir Have Cancer and Has He Had Face Surgery?

David Muir Face Cancer: Detail Information

There is no indication that David Muir underwent facial surgery, and he does not have cancer. The news anchor, though, has something to say about his oversized head.

American journalist David Muir has enjoyed a distinguished career and has held several prominent positions, including host of ABC World News Tonight and co-anchor of the ABC News magazine 20/20. The journalist who won an Emmy and an Edward R. Murrow award has drawn admirers not only for his excellent reporting abilities but also for his distinctive appearance, particularly his face. His appearance has been questioned frequently, and many have speculated that he may have faced cancer, but this doesn’t appear to be the case. We explore the truths about David Muir’s face and the rumors about his health status.

Is David Muir Sick?

David Muir is hale and hearty and has not shown any recent signs of being seriously sick. He appears to be healthy and has been doing his daily activities without problems. He did appear to have lost weight after a purported surgery which he never confirmed.

The award-winning journalist has faced fake news about his health condition and dealt with it in his stride. However, he is not one to discuss his personal life in public; thus, most of the speculations about his health have remained unexplained. In all, David Muir is not sick and is healthy enough to carry out his duties as a journalist.

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Does David Muir Have Face Cancer?

David Muir is not suffering from face cancer as many rumors have suggested in recent times. The slight changes noticed on his face are responsible for the speculations about him battling face cancer. This started when he noticeably lost weight, and many assumed that he was battling cancer.

Some reports claim that the journalist’s nose appeared to have changed, which led some to believe that he had a nose job. With his before and after images as evidence, the rumors that he had rhinoplasty circulated quickly. Although the nose operation explained the weight reduction, it did not rule out malignancy.

Celebrities frequently get cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance, and they frequently become the targets of unsubstantiated rumors. Whatever the situation, David Muir has decided it is not appropriate to comment on the rumors that he had a rhinoplasty. He is an extremely private person who dislikes having his private affairs exposed to the public.

What Happened to David Muir’s Face?

As someone who is always in the public space and appears on TV almost daily, David Muir’s life and physical features are always under public scrutiny. Aside from the rumors that suggest he is battling with face cancer, news about him being involved in an accident also made the rounds sometime in 2020.

It was during the election coverage in November 2020 when viewers noticed some obvious bruises on Muir’s face while on air. The bruises could not be covered by the usual news-time makeup, leaving them open for public scrutiny. Internet detectives swung into action, claiming that he must have been in some accident.

David didn’t bother to set the record straight in his usual style, and his silence led to more rumors. To explain the scars on his face, some viewers said he must have gotten them from his recent rhinoplasty. The supposed nose job was blamed for leaving him scarred. To further prove their claims, some before and after pictures of him were dug up with noticeable changes around the nose.

Amid these rumors about his health and presumed nose job, David Muir has not offered any explanations to clear the air. He prefers to ignore speculations about him, but there is one he just had to talk about. It has been assumed by many that David Muir’s head is three times bigger than the standard size, but the journalist has a smart explanation to debunk this claim.

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What David Muir Has To Say About His Supposed Big Head

David Muir is admired for his journalistic skills, and being on television always makes him a subject of public scrutiny. As such, his physical features have also been admired by many, but there is an interesting theory about his head. In addition to claims that he had a nose job and suffered from face cancer, there are further assumptions that David Muir has a head three times bigger than the normal size of a human head. According to the news anchor, many people believe he has a big head, but this is not the case.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, the 20/20 host used the medium to assure viewers that his head is not three times bigger than theirs. “It’s just the angle,” he says. He also explained that he is mostly in the foreground while taking pictures with other people.

Additionally, Muir admitted to having a special selfie face that makes his head appear bigger. His “signature selfie face” is three-quarters toward the camera and comes with a pouty smile. For this reason, plus the angle he tilts his head while taking photos, Muir’s head appears to be bigger. Looking at pictures of the 5ft 10-inch tall celebrated news anchor, his head always appears to be bigger than anyone he is posing for pictures with, but his handsome looks never get compromised.

Though it makes his head look bigger, David Muir’s signature selfie face has been working for him for years, and it doesn’t seem like he wants to trade it for anything. The fact that Muir hardly responds to rumors about his personal life makes one wonder why he saw the need to talk about his supposed big head. Notwithstanding, he is not threatened by the fact that many people think he has a big head.

David has an uncanny resemblance to his father, Ronald Muir, as seen in some rare throwback pictures he shared on Instagram to wish his dad a happy birthday. This also suggests that the signature look and handsome features run in his bloodline.

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