Everything To Know About Kaylee Osbrink Parents Ryan & Heather Osbrink

Who Is Kaylee Osbrink? Family, Career, Net Worth

Kaylee Osbrink’s parents, Ryan and Heather Osbrink, were found dead from an apparent murder-suicide. Look at this article to discover everything about Kaylee’s parents.

Ryan and Heather Osbrink, the Corona couple, died in homicide self-destruction.

Ryan worked for Grubb & Ellis, one of the world’s leading commercial real estate services firms, as the Director of Marketing Design Services.

He founded and led the Marketing Design Services group, which helped brokers with their high-end print and electronic marketing needs. He also helped top brokers across the country market some of the company’s most significant transactions.

Ryan Osbrink’s cause of death is revealed to be a clear self-inflicted shot. What happened was that the Corona cops attempted to contact Ryan, but their inability to do so raised some serious concerns among officials.

They then approached the SWAT team, who went into his house. However, after proceeding, they discovered a dead assemblage of two individuals in Osbrink’s home.


Everything To Know About Kaylee Osbrink Parents Ryan & Heather Osbrink

On May 19, a man named Ryan Osbrink and his wife, Heather Osbrink, were found shot to death in their apartment in Corona, California’s 1300 block of Stein Way.

The Corona couple died in what is suspected to be a murder-suicide. Heather Osbrink was 48 years old when she died. Her husband, who died with her, was also 47 years old.

The police officers discovered Ryan Osbrink dead from a gunshot wound that appeared to be self-inflicted and his wife, Heather, dead from multiple gunshot wounds.


The Corona couple who died in murder-suicide.
The Corona couple who died in murder-suicide.


Analyzing the incident, it appears to be a misunderstanding or problem between a couple. All of the evidence and the death scene suggested a murder-suicide.

According to his wife’s Facebook account, the Osbrinks lived in Corona, California, with their two beautiful daughters, Kaylee and Kaitlynn. The couple passed away, leaving behind two beautiful children. 

How Old Is Kaylee Osbrink? Her Age

Kaylee Osbrink is the older daughter of the Corona couple who died in a murder-suicide. She was born around 2003. As of 2022, she is 19 years old.

She graduated from high school and is now attending a prestigious California college.

Kaylee is a multi-talented young lady who enjoys dancing. She has been learning to dance since she was a child. She also appeared in several school dance shows and other professional shows.

Kaylee and her sister Kaitlynn are growing up together after their parent’s tragic death.

In terms of her career, she began as a dancer and is now regarded as one of the best lead dancers in her group. Kaylee, who rose to fame through dance, is currently pursuing a career in acting and has the potential to become a well-known actress.

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