Everything To Know About Stanley Tucci’s First Wife- Kate Tucci: Her Career, Marriage What Caused Her Death

Meet Stanley Tucci’s First Wife Kate Tucci- Reason For Her Death, Career, Marriage

Kate Tucci was a media personality, social worker, and celebrity spouse. She is best known as the first wife of Emmy Award-winning actor Stanley Tucci.

Although Kate had her own successful career and a famous father, she somewhat came to the spotlight after marrying the Supernova actor Stanley. The two were married for about fourteen years before parting ways for life.

Kate passed away in 2009 after a gruesome battle with cancer. Here we will talk about Kate Tucci’s lifelong achievements, family, her marriage with Stanley, children, and many more.

When Was Kate Tucci Born In? Details Of Her Early Life

The late celebrity spouse Kate was born Kathryn Spath on 26th April 1962 in San Francisco, the United States of America. She was the daughter of the vice president of Enerpac Applied Power Inc., Robert B. Spath, and a family counselor and therapist at Waukesha Family Service counseling agency, Dorothy Spath.

Kate Tucci was the first wife of Transformer star Stanley Tucci

She held American nationality and came from a white Caucasian ethnic descent. After finishing high school, she enrolled at Lawrence University and later went to New York University.

Kate Tucci’s Profession As A Social Worker

Though she was widely popular as the wife of Winchell actor, she had her own work of line. Before passing away, Tucci worked as a philanthropist and producer.

As per reports, Kate started working as a social worker right after graduating from college. After that, she spent her life working as a philanthropist.

Apart from this, she was also a producer who worked in a handful of shows including Full Circle and American Idol. Moreover, she also did several gigs and shows. Moreover, she was also an authorized member of the NY State Council on Divorce Mediation.

Late Media Personality Kate Tucci’s First Marriage With Alexander Scott

Before her decade-long marriage with Stanley Tucci, Kate was married to Alexander Robert Scott, the stage manager, and actor. He is the son of actress Colleen Dewhurst and actor-director George C. Scott. Robert worked at the Square Theater in New Circle in the Square Theater in New York.

Their engagement was announced via news outlets in 1983 and exchanged their wedding vows a year later in 1984.

While together, Kathryn and Robert welcomed a daughter named Christine Scott who was later adopted by her second husband Stanley. He raised his step-children like his own.

The formers parted ways in 1994 after officially getting a divorce.

Kate Tucci Married Stanley Tucci For The Second Time

The late star Kate first met her second husband Stanley Tucci in the year 1995 at an award ceremony. Their chemistry hit it off and the pair took their relationship to the next level right away.

Kate Tucci & her spouse Stanley Tucci were married for 14 years
Kate and Stanley were married for about 14 years and shared three children together

They even got married the same year on 18th April 1995 amidst family and friends. In 2000, Kate and Stanley welcomed twins Nicolo Robert Tucci and Isabel Concetta Tucci weighing 4 lbs 10 oz and 4 lbs 4 oz respectively.

Similarly, they also shared a third child, daughter Camilla Tucci who was born in 2002.

Stanley Tucci Cheated On His First Wife Kate Tucci

Just a year after welcoming their third child, Kathryn and Stanley separated for a while in February 2003. While people were still wondering about their separation, the father of three openly started dating his Frankie and Johnny co-star Edie Falco.

Most of their fans speculated that Stanley’s relationship with Edie was the reason behind his separation. The former pair started dating in April 2003 and were together until March 2004.

Kate & Stanley Reconciled After Two Years Apart

Although the parents of the three had decided to part ways for good, fate brought them together once again. The former husband-wife reconciled after Kate was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in 2005.

The late media personality fought cancer for four years until her last breath. Sadly, the mother of three Kate passed away on 27th April 2009 and is survived by her children.

Kate Spath was just 47 years old at the time of her death. She passed at their New York Manhattan home.

Did Stanley Tucci Marry After Kate Tucci’s Death?

Just a year after Kate’s passing, Stanley crossed paths with his now-wife Felicity Blunt. She is the sister of actress Emily Blunt.

P.S. Kate Tucci and Felicity Blunt met each other during the premiere of The Devil Wears Prada. They even took a picture together which Stanley still has to date.

Ironically, Tucci and Blunt first met at the wedding of Emily and John Krasinski which was being celebrated at George Clooney’s estate in Italy.

Kate's husband Stanley Tucci married Felicity Blunt after her death
Stanley Tucci and Felicity Blunt met a year after Kate’s death

The then-future husband-wife wed on 4th August 2012 after dating for about two years. As of 2022, they share two children, a son named Matteo Oliver Tucci b. 25th January 2015 and a daughter named Emilia Giovanna Tucci b. 19th April 2018.

The family of four currently resides in London. She is also the stepmother to Stanley and Kate’s three children.

Kate Tucci’s Second Husband Stanley Still Grieves Her Untimely Death

Back in 2021, Stanley talked about his experience, grief, and his feelings about his first wife’s death. He said that he is still grieving her loss even after 11 years.

He said,

“You never stop grieving, It’s still hard after 11 years, And it will always be hard.”

Stanley further added that Kate wouldn’t want anyone to mourn her for the rest of their life. He says that she would want everyone to carry on with their lives. Tucci added,

But you can’t let it… and she would never want any of us to ever wallow in that grief and let it take over our lives. She would never want that. She wasn’t like that.”

Kate’s Partner Stanley Was Also Diagnosed With Cancer

In 2017, the late celebrity Kate’s ex-husband got diagnosed with a 3-cm tumor at the base of his tongue. As per Tucci himself, the tumor was so big that it was impossible to cut it out. Hence, they sought high-dose radiation and chemo to eradicate the tumor.

Thankfully, the tumor was gone after 35-day radiation treatment and seven sessions of chemotherapy. However, the aftermath was very challenging for Stanley.

The therapy session damaged his sense of taste and smell severely and he had to rely on a feeding tube to eat/drink for months. He thanks his wife Felicity for staying with him and taking care of him.

Tucci says that Blunt’s “undying attention, affection and encouragement” got him through his illness.

As of 2022, he still has some side effects of the treatment i.e. a few foods taste weird and spicy food are painful for him. The irony is Stanley is a big-time foodie and even has his own book about food called Taste: My Life Through Food.

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