Facts You Must Know About David Walliams’ Partner Suzan Mutesi

Suzan Mutesi is a renowned fashion designer, actress, model, and partner of David Walliams.

David is currently in a relationship with Ugandain model Suzan Mutesi, as revealed by Mutesi’s Instagram post. Before this, they had been spotted together multiple times, which supported their relationship status.

Suzan Mutesi, aged 36, is well-known for her talent as a model, actress, and mainly fashion designer. She is based in Sydney and has been awarded the Designer of the Year Award and the ICON Award in 2010 for her highly unique work in fashion design. She is devoted to the world of fashion and encourages future generations to become the most successful creative design artist.

Likewise, her partner David Walliams, aged 51, is a renowned television personality, comedian, and actor primarily known for his judge role in the reality television show “Britain’s Got Talent.” Moreover, David has appeared in several movies and television series and is also an author.

While David’s first marriage to Lara Stine ended in 2015, he was seen with several women over the period. However, as of October 2022, he found his love and is set to marry his partner Suzan Mutesi.


Quick Info On Suzan Mutesi

Name Suzan Mutesi
Partner David Walliams
Age 36 years old
Date of Birth June 21, 1986
Net Worth $5 million
Occupation Actress, Model, Fashion designer
Origin Uganda
Hometown Sydney, Australia
Instagram @suzan_mutesi



David Walliams Partner Suzan Mutesi Is A Fashion Designer

David Walliams is currently in a relationship with Suzan Mutesi, a fashion designer and actress.

As a fashion designer, she has worked for multiple agencies and celebrities across the globe. Her profile on Linkedin mentions that she is the CEO at Suzan Mutesi Fashion House, which is based in Syndey, Australia. Born in Uganda and achieving breakthrough career success in Australia, Mutesi is known to be the world’s most prominent fashion design artist.

Suzan Mutesi is a bachelor’s degree holder in Bachelor of Design. Along with her studies at the University, she taught herself to design, alteration, mend and use a sewing machine. She was later accepted by Raffles KvB Institute of Technology, Australia’s top-ranked design institution.

Currently, she has been linked up with comedian and actor David Walliams, as they announced to get married very soon. However, the exact wedding date is not revealed by the couple. David and his partner Suzan belong to the art and entertainment industry, settling in good into their union.


Suzan Mutesi attends the launch of the sports drama
Suzan Mutesi attends the launch of the sports drama “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” in Sydney. ( Source : gettyimages )


Suzan Mutesi Is 36 Years Old But Looks Age-Less

Suzan Mutesi is 36 years old and has an age difference of 15 years from her partner David Walliams, 51.

Australian-based fashion designer Mutesi was born in Uganda on June 21, 1986. She moved to Australia to pursue her higher studies in fashion and design.

As a part of the fashion world, she contributed significantly to the industry and won various awards. She was 24 years old when she received her first honors Fashion Designer of the Year Award and the ICON Award in 2010. Her most recognized award includes African Fashion Designer of the year for 2012.

Of her extreme talent, she landed various roles in the movies. Her most recent work includes an appearance in the superhero film “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.” Likewise, she is working on a movie named “Irrationale” as the most recent work of her career.

Suzan Mutesi Is Worth $5 Million

Suzan Mutesi is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million as of October 2022, reports Celebseek.

Mutesi earns most of her living as a fashion designer and model. She also has worked as an actor on numerous occasions. In addition, she is the CEO of Suzan Mutesi Fashion House, which provides her with a significant amount of worth.

Alongside her work as a fashion designer, she has also worked with renowned brands such as Bonds, Fenty Beauty, Nike, and several others. Most famous brands like Nike provide her with a massive amount of money that can be added to her worth.

Not only has her net worth, but she has also kept her name rising globally as a fashion icon. She is widely known as “The Australian Fashion Icon that Conquered Australian Fashion.” Moreover, she has received numerous awards for her outstanding work in the fashion industry. In 2014 she won the Fashion Icon of the Year award at the Afro-Australia Music and Movie awards.

However, her partner David David Walliams is estimated to have a net worth of more than $20 million. He made the wealth accumulated from his career as an actor, comedian, and television personality over the past 27 years.


Suzan Mutesi flaunts her jacket and pants from the Australian clothing label Lioness.
Suzan Mutesi flaunts her jacket and pants from the Australian clothing label Lioness. ( Source : instagram )


David Walliams Partner Suzan Mutesti Is Of African Heritage

David Walliams fell in love with the African-Australian model Suzan Mutesi.

Mutesi was born in Uganda, and she transferred to Australia to pursue higher studies. She is of African descent and her origin, but she shares her heritage with Australia too. She is one of the most influential Ugandan-Australian actresses and fashion designers, known for her outstanding talent. Likewise, she is regarded as the fashion icon who conquered the Australian fashion industry.

While her ancestry belongs to Uganda, the country also recognizes her talent. She was awarded the Best Fashion Contributor in the Diaspora in Uganda in 2014. In addition, she published a book in 2020, which appeared in the Smile ‘Cross the Oceans anthology from WestWords.

While sharing the words about her writing, she is currently writing a memoir that tells the tale of how she found her “unapologetic self.” The biography explores racism she faced, friendships, church culture, and many more related to Uganda and Australia.

Suzan Mutesi Announced Her Relationship With David Walliams On Instagram

Suzan Mutesi announced her relationship with David Walliams on Instagram and revealed they are getting married very soon.

The Instagram post, which dates back to June 23, 2022, tells the details of Suzan’s relationship with David Walliams. She captioned the post, saying they are getting married shortly. According to her IG post, David first revealed their marriage. It was her birthday, and the good news was shared with everyone, including their fans and followers.



Model Suzan is well-liked by her followers on Instagram and is followed by more than 1.2 million followers. She shares most of her professional life on Instagram, displaying pictures of various brands and products. In addition, her IG bio mentions that she is the Best Award-Winning Author for her book, published in 2020.

Likewise, she is seen enjoying her life to the fullest and updating her profile for her fans and followers. She is also the host of the podcaster Unapologetically You, which can be listened to through Apple podcasts.


Facts To Know

Who is David Walliams in a relationship with?

David Walliams is in a relationship with Suzan Mutesi, a Ugandan-Australian actress, model and fashion designer.

How old is Suzan Mutesi?

Suzan Mutesi is 36 years old, born on June 21, 1986.

How much is Suzan Mutesi worth?

Suzan Mutesi is estimated to be worth around $ 5 million, reports Celebseek.

Is Suzan Mutesi married to David Walliams?

No, Suzan Mutesi is not married to David Walliams but is set to marry soon.

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