Fantasy Town Diary: Days 8-10 – New mini-games, new escape attempts, and a new beast for trading

We continue our hands-on experience with the charming farming sim where things take an unexpected turn with a blue whale. Here’s what happened…

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Day 8 – At the mountains of madness

It’s another fine day in Fantasy Town, where the sun doesn’t stop shining, the same song never gets old, and no one could be happier….except for our townsfolk.

After adding more dwellings the day before, we failed to notice the negative impact it had on our happiness gauge (which stood at a less than impressive level of 68). In Fantasy Town, a happy town is a productive town, so we exercised a bit of damage control by erecting a Greek statue which raised overall happiness to a more encouraging level of 85 – idol worship is an extremely popular pastime for these folks.

Whilst the town’s overall happiness improved, there seems to be nothing we can do to improve our mayor’s reluctant disposition. He made yet another attempt to escape by scaling over a nearby mountain but found his progress stifled by Max. Being the naive soul that he is, Max mistook the mayor’s mountaineering as nothing more than an innocent expedition, which he volunteered to join.

Before making much progress, Max accidentally unearthed a temple buried beneath the rock, which Tommy would reveal to be the town’s History Museum. Tommy was eager to see the recently uncovered monument restored to its former glory but felt our worker, Smith, looked too shabby and required a new pair of pants before commencing with any work – the standards this town demands of its workers are truly remarkable…

Day 9 – A fine pair of pants

We finally satisfied our pursuit of pants by building a Weavers Mill and Boutique. And, in a moment of serendipity, a recent troll expedition brought us the perfect artisan to head our fashion operations in Andre – sorry Coggs but there’s no place for your lack of management skill in our meritocracy.

The highlight for the day though was the discovery of a new mini-game – just the thing to occupy ourselves with whilst waiting for pants to be made. The Stack Up Event is a relatively straightforward game of tower stacking; all that’s required is to stack up rectangular blocks in sequence whilst avoiding hazardous explosive blocks. Even if mini-games aren’t your thing, it’s well worth trying as the rewards are enormous.

In a general push for expansion: we increased our population total with the addition of new houses, balanced our villagers happiness by installing a Chinese Garden, and upgraded our Castle to Lv. 4. The upgrade revealed a new chapter in the town’s story, focusing on Grandmaster Jackson’s heroics in trying to save the town from the devastating troll attack. Sadly for him, his noble actions were barely appreciated by the townsfolk who felt he could have done a lot more (not realising that he’d been near mortally wounded). All in all, the new chapter convinced us that Jackson is an all-around good dude and more than deserving of a place in our town; we haven’t discussed it before but Fantasy Town features an option to purchase and place citizens in the town – an honour for which lucky recipients will offer potential rewards. With Grandmaster Jackson now available as a new addition, we promptly adopted the brave champion.

To close out the day, we finally restored the History Museum after gifting our worker with a fabulous new pair of pants. The gesture was so appreciated by Smith that he offered to build a statue of the mayor in return – a monument that was desperately needed in our opinion.

Day 10 – Having a whale of a time

When a day opens up with the discovery of pies, you know it’s going to be a good one. Upon reaching Lv. 14, Hadi was able to learn the new dish, which worked out perfectly as we recently grew an apple tree at Max’s request.

We also maxed out our town happiness with the addition of a Circus Viking (boat ride) – it was a bit of a splurge on our part but it felt important to keep the town’s spirits high as we’d soon need to increase the number of houses again.

Uneager to take a ride in our new Circus Viking however was the mayor, who decided to take a very different kind of boat ride.

Having exhausted all other means of escape, the mayor attempted to flee the town via boat – apparently unaware that a colossal whale had surfaced right beside the harbour. It proved to be an extremely poor decision as, after managing only a few strokes out into the waves, he was immediately swallowed whole by the giant blue orca. Looking on in terror from the harbour was Tommy and Max; the latter of whom delighted in the spectacle of the mayor’s demise, wishing only that he had a pie to truly savour the moment…

We were a bit baffled by the next sequence of events; after granting Max’s wish for pie, the baked dish somehow ended up in the water (we can only guess that he got over excited, fumbled, and accidentally dropped it) where the whale quickly swallowed it. Fortunately it turned out to be a stroke of good fortune for the mayor, who was shot out of the whale’s blowhole soon after (perhaps it was an extremely hot pie?).

With our mayor now safely returned to land, the whale can now be used at our disposal for trade (whether he’s doing it out of guilt or the hope of more pies is anyone’s guess).

This concludes our hands-on experience with Fantasy Town. We hope you’ve enjoyed our excursion with the farming-RPG-sim, and if you’d like to try it for yourself, you can find Fantasy Town available to download for free from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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