Fortnite’s latest addition to the Icon Series is the Super Bowl star Patrick Mahomes

Fortnite’s Icon Series keeps expanding as Epic Games has just announced the latest addition to this list of notable personalities. Joining the roster is the record-breaking NFL quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes. He will be available in the Item Shop from tomorrow, August 24th, with a bunch of other cosmetic items accompanying the skin.


Patrick Mahomes makes his way to Fortnite in three different styles – the original skin, a Gladiator Mindset style with shades and an enhanced arm, and a Gameday Gladiator style, which takes things even further with a futuristic helmet. To spice things up, the cosmetic set will also feature the Gridiron Gladiator Back Bling, Snap Axes Pickaxe that glows red, Endzone Elite Wrap, and the Showtime Emote. But that’s not all. Mahomes will also be seen donning a classy suit with the Saucy Styles Outfit that comes along with The Good Stuff Back Bling.

As is the case with most of these Icon Series skins, there is usually a tournament held to commemorate the addition of that character. So, players will be able to participate in the Patrick Mahomes Cup today, a Zero Build Squads competition that will last for three hours. As usual, each kill grants one point, a victory royale gives 30 points, and they keep decreasing until 20th position.

Participants will be rewarded since getting eight points will unlock the Secret Sauce Emoticon. Plus, winners will also get a chance to get their hands on the Patrick Mahomes outfit and back bling before everyone. Do remember though, to participate, players must have their two-factor authentication enabled, which you should anyway. Safety first.

Ready to run to the endzone, or well final zone in Fortnite terms? Then, download the game now from the official website or play via XCloud.

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