Fortnite’s September Crew Pack adds another member to the Getaway Gang – Loveless

With August almost over, it’s time to prepare for another cosmetic set that will be part of September’s Crew Pack on Fortnite. The battle royale runs a monthly subscription-based service costing $11.99 a month. It includes a skin set, access to the battle pass, 1,000 Vbucks, and access to the Save the World campaign mode. Joining Fortnite this month is another member of the Getaway Gang – Loveless.

Loveless heavily draws inspiration from the Wild Card skin released back in 2018 and is pretty much the female version of it. She joins the gang of heisters featuring other members like Ace, Heist, Dark Wild Card, and the original Wild Card variant. Loveless will be available to subscribers from August 31st onwards after 8:00 pm ET.

Like other members of her team, Loveless has alternate styles for her mask that can display one of the four card suits – hearts, diamonds, clubs, or spades. She also has quite a cool back bling, called the Calling Card, which is a face card that has two variants – Diamond King and Heart Queen. It is a reactive one that spins every time a chest is opened.

The Shooting Shuffle Wrap that is part of the Crew Pack is ever-changing as well as the card suit on it changes after every elimination. And of course, no crime committed by Loveless must go unnoticed, which is ensured by her Stylus Edge Pickaxe. And finally, to groove to some killer music, September’s Crew Pack will also give players the Loveless Bandit Lobby Track.

The pack grants players instant access to the ongoing battle pass, which is nearing its end so get those Battle Stars soon! Since Chapter 3: Season 3 will be over before September ends, players who are subbed to this month’s Crew Pack will gain access to Chapter 3: Season 4’s battle pass as well so it’s a great deal.

August’s Crew Pack featuring Wolverine: Zero will be unavailable in a couple of days so get your hands on that soon. Download Fortnite now for free via the official website or play using XCloud.

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