Genshin Impact’s v3.0 launches soon, with the first phase of events now revealed

Genshin Impact is so close to launching a massive content update for eager fans as version 3.0 – The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings is arriving on August 24th. So much new content is going to be a part of this update. Players can expect loads of new characters, the ability to travel to and explore Sumeru, and also finally use the seventh and final Dendro element. Read all about the update in our recent article.

With the release so close, Hoyoverse has revealed a list of events that will form the first phase of v3.0. Starting things off like always, are the Event Wishes, with three of them being part of this round. First up is Viridescent Vigil, which brings the new Dendro user Tighnari.

Next, we have Gentry of Hermitage featuring the Geo user Zhongli, and finally the weapon-based Event Wish called Epitome Invocation that will grant players the Hunter’s Path Bow, Vortex Vanquisher Polearm, and more.

There are numerous events to look out for too, and they form just the initial part of this update. The story expands with the Vulpes Zerda Story Chapter that introduces Tighnari, a powerful Dendro archer. Next up, we have the Graven Innocence event that involves helping the Acara Crafts team in finding assistants and gather inspiration to make toys.

Players will also be sent on a treasure hunt with the Lost Riches event where they will join hands with Seelie and look for valuable items that can be exchanged for commemorative event gadgets from the Item Shop. Those who want to plot how to defeat their enemies can take part in the Fayz Trials which task everyone with finding the weaknesses of the various enemies found in Sumeru.

Besides this, the Luxuriant Woodlands battle pass will be active for a month waiting to be finished and there the 16th round of Adventurer’s Booster Bundles sale will take place.

Prepare for The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings by downloading Genshin Impact now for free.

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