Gilla Band: Who Are Dara Kiely, Alan Duggan, Daniel Fox and Adam Faulkner?

Who Are The Four Members of Gilla Band? Details About Dara Kiely, Alan Duggan, Daniel Fox And Adam Faulkner

Gilla band is a noise rock band consisting of four members Dara Kiely, Alan Duggan, Daniel Fox, and Adam Faulkner.

We had previously discussed the four-member musical band Truth Club. Gilla band debuted in 2012 with the singles “In My Head” and “You’re A Dog,” which helped them gain fans in Ireland and the UK. In 2015 they signed a recording contract with Rough Trade.

The band’s sound is influenced by other artists such as James Chance and the Contortions, Bad Brains, The Chemical Brothers, and Neul. Their debut album gained positive feedback from music critics.

Irish Times had described the group as a fascinating act that makes thrilling, menacing, exciting noise. Since their debut, they have released a series of EPs and singles. The band went on hiatus between 2016-2017 due to health issues.

In 2019, the group returned with techno and the glam influenced album “The Talkies.” 


Quick Info About Gilla

Band Name Gilla Band
Origin Dublin
Years Active 2011–present
Lead Vocalist Dara Kiely
Guitarist Alan Duggan
Bassist Daniel Fox
Drummer Adam Faulkner
Net Worth $1-$3 million


Gilla Band Frontman: Dara Kiely

Dara Kiely is the frontman for the Gilla Band and is one of the members who founded the band.

Kiely is 30 years old as of 2022. He started writing lyrics at a young age; he wrote his first song when he was five years old with his 15 years old brother. The lyrics of the songs were “animals don’t wear underpants” he thought it was a genius lyric at that age.

Since then, he discovered his interest in eccentric phrases and documenting things around him for his imaginative lyrics. But as he grew older, his writing style changed with various influences and experiences.

He has been discreet about his romantic relationship in public and rarely shares about his dating life. During an interview, he mentioned that he has a girlfriend but didn’t reveal her name.


Gilla Band' lead vocalist Dara Kiely
Gilla Band’ lead vocalist Dara Kiely ( Source : instagram )


Guitarist Alan Duggan

Alan Duggan is the guitarist of Gilla Band and one of the band’s founders.

Duggan is 30 years old as of 2022. He was in a band with his bandmates Dara and Daniel in the band Harrows when they were in secondary school. The trio has known each other since childhood.

Like his band members, Alan is also secretive about his personal life, so he rarely shares the information with the media. In the interviews and podcasts, he is heard talking about the band, his favorite guitar, and his equipment.

He also shares the name with another Alan Duggan, an actor, and producer, so many confuse them as the same person. He also has no social media accounts like his other three bandmates.

He earns his money from the band from album sales and tours. He hasn’t revealed his net worth.

Gilla Band' guitarist Alan Duggan
Gilla Band’ guitarist Alan Duggan ( Source : instagram )


Bassist Daniel Fox

Daniel Fox is the bassist of Gilla Band and is the member who founded the band with his bandmates, Dara and Alan.

Fox is 30-40 years old as of 2022. He was in a band, Harrows, with his childhood friends Alan and Dara. Apart from being the group’s bassist, he is also a producer and a music engineer.

He loves playing through AD200 as he finds it easy to maintain grit and clarity, and it is a great tool both on stage and in the studio. It helps him to produce huge lows while having a beautiful midrange that can cut through the dense instrumentation.

On Spotify, we can find Daniel’s playlist, where he has added his current listening. His social media has content about his time in the studio and live performances. His Instagram profile is under @danielemonfox, with 1,331 followers.

He has been secretive about his private life, so less information about his early life is available. As he has been in the industry for a long time and has released albums and tours, he accumulated a substantial net worth.


Gilla Band at backstage during a show
Gilla Band at backstage during a show ( Source : instagram )

Drummer Adam Faulkner

Adam Faulkner is the drummer of the Gilla band and was the last member to get recruited into the band.

Faulkner is 25-30 years old as of 2022. In their new album, Adam’s drumming is robust and dominating, holding the sound together and taking the band into their deepest and densest sonic territory.

During his interview with NME, he mentioned that he went through a rough breakup and had a mental breakdown. He also suffered from depression and took a year-long break to return to his positive self.

Their album “Holding Hands With Jamie” is mainly about emotions, phases of depression, and the rehabilitation he went through during his breakup with his partner. Adam was worried that due to his personal problems band would break up.

As per his association with the band, Adam hasn’t revealed his net worth.


Gilla Band' members embracing each other in a brotherly hug
Gilla Band’ members embracing each other in a brotherly hug ( Source : instagram )


Gilla Band Members: How Was The Group Formed?

Gilla Band was formed in July 2011 in Dublin by band members Dara Kiely, Alan Duggan, Daniel Fox, and Adam Faulkner. The three band members, Dara, Alan, and Daniel, had known each other since childhood as they went to the same school and were in an indie rock band, Harrows, when they were 16.

Gilla band was previously known as Girl Band. The band debuted with a single in 2012, followed by the EP “France 98,” produced independently. In 2015 they got a record deal with Rough Trade as the company’s founder saw them perform several times.

They released their self-produced studio album “Holding Hands With Jamie” in 2015. They went on hiatus for four years and returned in 2019 with the single “Shoulderblades” and their album “The Talkies.”

They recently released their third studio album, “Most Normal,” on October 7, 2022.


The four members of Gilla Band
The four members of Gilla Band ( Source : instagram )


Some Facts

How Many Members Are There In Gilla Band?

Gilla Band consists of four members Dara Kiely, Daniel Fox, Alan Duggan and Adam Faulkner.

Did Gilla Band Released A New Album?

Gilla Band released as new album Most Normal on October 7, 2022.

What Is The Net Worth Of Gilla Band?

Gilla Band has an estimated net worth of $1-$3 million as of 2022.

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