Ginuwine is a Loving Father of 9 Supportive Children – Meet Them

Dream Sarae Lumpkin Background Details

Ramonda Lumpkin, Tiffany Lumpkin, Elgin Lumpkin Jr., Ginel Lumpkin, Tahjair Lumpkin, Story Asaundra Lumpkin, Dream Sarae Lumpkin, De’jan Nicole Lee, and Cypress Soleil Lee are among Ginuwine’s nine children, who are divided into two sons and seven girls.

While his oldest son, Elgin Jr., was born from a prior relationship, Ginuwine’s marriage to rapper Tonya M. Johnston, well known by her stage name, Sole, resulted in the birth of his two daughters, Story and Dream. In addition, Ginuwine has two stepchildren thanks to his ex-wife Sole and four more children from previous relationships. The Grammy-winning musician has said that he regrets how some of his children came into the world rather than any of his children.

Ginuwine Welcomed his First Child, Elgin Lumpkin Jr. at 21

  • Date of birth: January 30, 1991
  • Age: 32 years old

Elgin Lumpkin Jr. was born on January 30, 1991, a fact that confirms that he is currently around 32 years old. He is Ginuwine’s oldest child. However, we have yet to establish the identity of his mother, who was one of several different women whom the singer dated prior to his meeting and marrying Solé.

Elgin Jr. has largely remained away from the view of the media and the general public, a lifestyle that has made it relatively difficult to know much about his existence right from his early days as a child to the present day. On the few occasions that the glare of the spotlight has been directed at him, it has always come when he was in the company of his father, with whom he shares a very close relationship.

One instance was on the occasion of Elgin Jr.’s 21st birthday, which also had his as-yet-unidentified mother and Solé in attendance as well as half-sisters Cypress and De’jan. Priya, the girl Elgin Jr. was dating at the time, was also present, but it is unclear whether they are still together as a couple since not much information is available about the celebrity kid’s personal life.

Ginuwine Shares Four kids with his Ex-wife Solé

While Ginuwine is currently unmarried, the R&B singer knows what it is like to have been a part of the marital institution, having been married to singer Solé (real name: Tonya Michelle Johnston, born July 17, 1973) for twelve years from 2003 to 2015.

Ginuwine reportedly met his ex-wife Solé, currently known as Aja Shah, in June 1999. They began dating four months later, in October 1999, and subsequently became engaged almost a year later, in August 2000. The former couple was engaged for more than three years before exchanging marital vows in front of their friends and family members on September 8, 2003, in Grand Cayman.

They lived in Brandywine, Maryland, and remained married for more than a decade from 2003 until Ginuwine’s ex-wife filed for a divorce in 2014, and in November of the same year, the singer announced that he had separated from Solé. Their divorce was ultimately finalized on July 22, 2015.

The mother of four of Ginuwine’s nine kids is now married to Public Enemy band member and rapper Professor Griff, a move that necessitated her name change to Aja Shah. The wedding took place on August 27, 2017.

It is important to point out that during the little over a decade that Ginuwine and Solé were married to each other, they shared four daughters. The couple welcomed two daughters, namely Story Asaundra Lumpkin and Dream Sarae Lumpkin. Ginuwine then went on to adopt De’jan Nicole Lee and Cypress Soleil Lee, Solé’s daughters from a previous relationship.

Read on to find out all we know about Story Asaundra Lumpkin, Dream Sarae Lumpkin, De’jan Nicole Lee, and Cypress Soleil Lee, the four daughters Ginuwine shared with Solé.

Story Asaundra Lumpkin is Ginuwine’s First Biological Child with Solé

  • Date of birth: March 29, 2001
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Mother: Tonya Michelle Johnston (also known as Aja Shah) aka Solé
  • Occupation: Dancer, Choreographer

Story Asaundra Lumpkin was born on March 29, 2001. She is the first child Ginuwine had with his ex-wife Solé. She is currently 22 years old. Story’s identity as a celebrity is largely tied to the fact that her parents are celebrities. As such, there are large parts of her existence that have yet to become public knowledge, including exactly where she was born in the United States as well as the details of her formal educational background.

The story was also born around a year after her parents got engaged, a couple more before they exchanged marital vows. She was only a 14-year-old teenager when her parent’s divorce was finalized in 2015. Nonetheless, she managed to maintain a good relationship with both of her parents, both of whom appear to have moved on with their lives.

For quite some time, Story, who was primarily under the custody of her mother for most of her formative years, lived in the same town as her father, and she got to see him regularly. That situation changed when her mom remarried, and they had to move. It meant that she saw less and less of her father. However, Ginuwine’s penchant for surprising his kids, case in point – Story’s 18th birthday, means that the dynamics of their father-daughter relationship have not changed.

According to several sources, Story Asaundra Lumpkin appears to have followed her parents into the world of music as a dancer and a choreographer. However, not much is known about how far along she is in her career. Guess we’ll just wait for more details in that respect.

Despite being active on social networking sites like Instagram, Story seems to be a very private individual. Her Instagram page is cluttered with pictures of herself, but none of them have revealed anything about the celebrity child’s romantic relationships. As a result, it is assumed that she is either not in a relationship or that, if she is, she is unwilling to discuss it with the public and media.

Story Asaundra Lumpkin’s only direct sibling out of all her dad’s right remaining children is Dream Sarae Lumpkin, but it does not indicate her disinterest in the lives of her other half-siblings, including the two her father adopted from her mother’s previous relationship.

Dream Sarae Lumpkin is Ginuwine’s Youngest with Solé

  • Date of birth: November 1, 2002
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Mother: Tonya Michelle Johnston (also known as Aja Shah) aka Solé

Dream Sarae Lumpkin is now a relatively grown 20-year-old woman. She was born on November 1, 2002, and like her sister, she was born before her parents eventually tied the knot, ten months before, in her case, unlike her sister, who was born almost two years before.

For a relatively long while, Dream lived the dream of almost every child by sharing a home and some parts of her formative years with both parents during the early years of her life. Her parents’ divorce, when she was just 13 years old in 2015, has not altered the fact that she still has a good relationship with both of them. Nonetheless, there have been noticeable changes in the dynamics of those relationships, including the fact that she had to move to another city with her mother when she remarried.

Suffice it to say that the time she spends with her old man Ginuwine has been seriously impacted, but the platinum-selling singer, who once admitted that he misses being in close contact with his children, found a way to maintain the father-daughter relationship he has with the daughters he had with his ex-wife including Dream.

So far, no one, particularly the media and the general public, is quite clear about the career path Dream has chosen for herself, even though there have been speculations and suggestions that she seems to be on the precipice of joining her parents in the music business because she has been pictured with a guitar. For now, it would appear that the celebrity child is weighing her options carefully.

In terms of her personal life, Dream Sarae Lumpkin also keeps a relatively low profile, quite similar to her older sister Story. She sure is not married, but there is no way to tell if she is in a romantic relationship or who her partner is if she is in one.

De’jan Nicole Lee is Ginuwine’s Oldest Adopted Daughter

  • Date of birth: March 8, 1992
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Mother: Tonya Michelle Johnston (also known as Aja Shah) aka Solé
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur

Solé was already a mother to two daughters, both of whom were 7 and 4 years old, respectively, when she met Ginuwine in 1999. The first of Solé’s two daughters is De’jan Nicole Lee. She was born on March 8, 1992, and is currently a fully grown 31 year-old woman.

De’jan’s biological father is a man whose identity has been confirmed as D. Lee. Not much is known about him, but we can confirm that he was not married to De’jan’s mom and also that he is a very important part of her life despite having split from Solé when she was not more than a child.

De’jan Lee was formally adopted by Ginuwine after he got married to her mom. She has a very good relationship with him, and he does not even refer to her as a stepdaughter whenever he talks about her. They’ve displayed their devotion to each other in various ways but even more at De’jan’s wedding to the love of life, Will Beamenn.

Ginuwine, alongside De’jan Nicole’s biological father, was both present to show their support at the wedding, which took place on June 7, 2017, just two months before her mom Solé tied the knot with her current husband. Ginuwine’s first stepdaughter has been married to her husband for more than half a decade now, but they don’t appear to have any children together.

De’jan Nicole Lee is an entrepreneur best known for her involvement at Pink and Posh Events as well as at Lit Intentions. Every sign points to the fact that she is quite good at what she does despite choosing a career path outside the scope of Ginuwine’s influence in music.

Cypress Soleil Lee is Ginuwine’s Other Adopted Daughter

  • Date of birth: January 9, 1995
  • Age: 28 years old
  • Mother: Tonya Michelle Johnston (also known as Aja Shah) aka Solé
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur

Cypress Soleil Lee was born on January 9, 1995, and she is presently around 28 years old. She is the youngest of the two daughters Ginuwine’s ex-wife Solé had from her previous relationship with D. Lee. She was eventually adopted by the platinum-selling rapper after his marriage to her mother in 1999.

At the time, Cypress was just over four years old and quickly became a beloved member of Ginuwine’s family, which included her older sister De’jan and later two half-sisters, Story and Dream. Cypress went on to bag a bachelor’s degree in Business and Entertainment specializing in agency from American University.

That degree has ultimately been put to good use by Cypress, who, in a bid to break away from her family’s musical tradition and create something that, in her own words, was hers alone, has created a thriving herbal-based hair and skin care product line known as Cypress Soleil Naturals, which had given birth to other holistic healthcare businesses like Sage Lotus Naturals and Sage Lotus Organics.

Cypress Soleil Naturals was reportedly created as a way for Cypress to combine two of her favorite things – natural herbal remedies and healthy hair. Her products contain organic, herbal, and natural ingredients and are not only vegan but cruelty-free.

Being vegan for more than a decade now has not only inspired Cypress but also is the essence of her business. She is also aided by the fact that she comes from a family of plant lovers, including an herbalist mother, an avid gardener of a grandmother, and a grandfather who was a well-known botanist.

Despite welcoming daughter Sage Lotus on May 17, 2020, it is unclear whether Cypress Soleil is married or not.

Ginuwine has Four Other Kids from Past Relationships

Aside from the four kids he shares with Solé, as well as his oldest child named Elgin Lumpkin Jr., Ginuwine has an additional four children from previous relationships. Their names are Ramonda Lumpkin, Tiffany Lumpkin, Ginel Lumpkin, and Tahjair Lumpkin. This essentially means that Ginuwine has nine children.

There is little information about the other four children that Ginuwine welcomed from past relationships. The singer has, however, briefly mentioned Tahjair and Gine in the past. He also posted a throwback that had all nine of his children in August 2017.

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