Hammer Heroes, a brand new 1-on-1 PvP game from indie devs Sickinger Studios, launches today

Indie developer Sickinger Studio has launched its latest project; a multiplayer 1-vs-1 arena fighter called Hammer Heroes. Hammer Heroes sees you square off against a real player opponent as you both try to knock each other off a small circular arena using a variety of movement techniques and, of course, giant hammers.

Hammer Heroes has a relatively simple concept, but one that’s incredibly fun by itself. The premise is exactly as it sounds; you and one other player will begin a match on either side of a small arena and using the one button you have available to you, you’ll do your best to hit them off the edge before they hit you.

Think something like Bumper Balls from Mario Party or any other party game equivalent, except turned into a competitive 1-on-1 setting. There’s not a ton of depth here admittedly, but there are some mind games to pull off. Movement is vital given your limited options, and your success will depend on if you can bait out a swing from your opponent and get in while they’re recovering from said swing.


There are a lot of cosmetic options on offer here too, with over 40 unique heroes to choose from that range from a pirate to a skeleton to a Viking warrior and even more, and that’s only on launch! Add in the various weapon options at your disposal, all cosmetic of course, along with emotes that allow you to really rub your victory in your opponent’s face when you outplay them, and you’ve got a lot of ways to truly express yourself.

Hammer Heroes is, at its core, an uncomplicated but still engaging and oftentimes quite hilarious little multiplayer PvP game, and is perfect if you’re looking for a short little time-killer on lunch breaks. Hop in for a quick match, have a few laughs and hop out with minimal time commitment.

If that sounds perfect for what you’re looking for, you can check out Hammer Heroes for $2.99 at either of the links below! In the meantime, if you’d like to check out some screenshots and real-time gameplay from Hammer Heroes, take a peek at the Sickinger Studios Facebook page!

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