Here Is All We Know About Rapper 24Lik

24Lik is a new rapper ready to take over the rap industry with his skills at this young age.

He has given some elite rap songs in a few years, which has helped him gain massive fandom and support from the audience. The rapper has established himself in the industry with his fellow rap partner, 392 Lil head. Both of them are producing some dopest rap songs, which has unleashed the spirits of the audience to vibe in.

24Lik is a bit shy, leading all media attention to his fellow rapper 329 Lil Head. 392 Lil head is a young guy in the rap industry, making music and getting fame and a name for his hard work. 24Lik and 329 are among the artist who makes rap and hip-hop music which is the most talked about in the city.

392 Lil head has his music genre consistent with his music, which he usually releases on Spotify and his Youtube channel. He has his crew and squad members. He will surely pave his way through the industry with his mate 24k and make it big. 392 Lil Head is a rising star looking to stand out from the rest.


Quick Facts about 24Lik

Stage Name 24Lik
Age 21-25 years
Profession Rapper
Instagram _24lik
Twitter _24lik
Youtube 24Lik &Lil Head



24Lik Rapper Age

24Lik is a well-known rising artist who has not revealed his age yet to the audience. He seems to be around 21 years old.

24Lik made his debut a few years back. However, even in this short time, he has made a great impression on the audience. He has dropped some bomb songs with fellow rapper 329 Lil Head making people go crazy over their songs. The rapper still looks like a young boy aged 21-25 years. However, he has never revealed his age to the media or the general public.


24Lik in his music video of Looted
24Lik in his music video of Looted ( Source : youtube )


24Lik appears to be quiet and generally away from the media as he likes to be a bit low-key and enjoy his personal space. He loves music and is seen rapping most of the time. Furthermore, he is also into songwriting in his free time and likes creating different meaningful verses.

He hasn’t yet revealed anything about his real identity or his age and brings out a mysterious personality among the audience.

Facts About 24Lik

  1. 24Lik is a new-generation rapper who is working to be one of the greatest rappers in the upcoming generation.
  2. The rap star is new to the rap industry. However, he hasn’t revealed his age in the media yet but appears to be around 21 years old.
  3.  He has released albums named: Evil Twinz, Da Biggest Sh24rk, Belt Gang, Vol. 1.
  4. Songs like Wet Jumper, Pac Man, Bill Withrs, Lik Flow 2, Laced Records, etc are released by him.
  5. He is seen releasing his songs along with his rap mate 329 Lil Head. They also have one combined YouTube account named 24Lik & 329 Lil Head.
  6. The rapper is also one of the members of the Detroit Cashgang Group.
  7. 24Lik is also on social media, having an Instagram as well as a Twitter account under the name of _24Lik on both.


24Lik x Fwc Big Key Music Video
24Lik x Fwc Big Key Music Video “G-Lock Freestyle” ( Source : youtube )



Some Facts

Who is 24Lik?

24Lik is a new aged rapper and one of the member of the Detroit Cashgang Group.

How old is 24Lik?

24Lik has not revealed his name. However appears to be the age of 21-25.

Who does 24Lik collaborates much with?

24Lik mostly collaborates with his fellow mate 329 Lil Head.

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