Hotel Hideaway’s successful collaboration with ITV Studio’s Love Island has led to an in-game monthly quiz

Hotel Hideaway, Azerion’s virtual 3D social community has launched the results for its first branded hangout room which featured Love Island and ITV Studios, best known for shows like The Voice, Schitt’s Creek, and Hell’s Kitchen. This collaboration brought much more engagement than any of the other rooms in just 11 weeks. It had an average of three million visits over a month, with about 46,000 visitors per day, and the numbers increased exponentially daily. To celebrate the success of this collab, players will get a chance to participate in a Love Island Quiz that will eventually become a monthly event.


The timing couldn’t be better as the USA’s Love Island season wrapped up yesterday itself. Fans of the reality show will enjoy the quiz in Hotel Hideaway. It features three rounds of five questions each, with three platforms to choose the right answer from. The quiz will be available four times a day to ensure that players from every time zone can participate. Winners will receive an exclusive pin alongside new clothing and furniture as well. Plus, the Love Island room has now been extended into the World of Love Island area.

Speaking about the success of this collaboration, Jurriaan van Teunenbroek, VP Games and Content at Azerion, said: “The Love Island experience in Hotel Hideaway has been such a great success, showcasing the many possibilities for brands to engage with consumers in an organic way. This partnership demonstrates the opportunities of in-game advertising and branding, capturing the attention of millions of actively engaged audiences and coupling it with a successful TV show to increase cross-marketing strategies.”

Kim Dingler, CCO, Global Entertainment at ITV Studios, further added: “Love Island has such a loyal and engaged fanbase, by bringing the show to Hotel Hideaway players feel actively involved as they experience the life of an Islander in the Love Island villa.”

Ready to become the resident Love Island expert? Then download Hotel Hideaway by tapping on one of the links below.

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