Is Cameron Monaghan Gay and Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Cameron Monaghan Girlfriend Background Details

Cameron Monaghan Shares Sweet Dancing Throwback with Girlfriend Peyton List

Not being homosexual is Cameron Monaghan. The actor is straight and is in a relationship with a model named Lauren Searle, even though there have been many strong assumptions made about his sexuality by fans as a result of his flawless portrayal of his gay character in the TV series Shameless.

Contrary to what you may anticipate of a gay man, Cameron Monaghan has dated other women in the past in addition to Lauren. He has also been forced to deny being gay and hasn’t been reported to have dated a male. Explore Cameron’s life in more detail here.

Cameron Monaghan’s Sexuality

Cameron Monaghan is an American actor who has starred in several films but is more famously known for being a member of the Gallagher family in the TV series Shameless. Over the years, there have been strong rumors among fans about Cameron’s sexuality, as they believe that he is gay. These speculations are founded on the fact that he perfectly played the role of Ian, a gay character in Shameless.

For his outstanding performance during his 11 seasons as a cast member of Shameless, Cameron won the Critics’ Choice Award for best-supporting actor in 2015. He had a romantic relationship with Mickey Milkovich, a male character from the show; their union culminated in the last season.

The rumors started because fans thought Monaghan could not have portrayed the part for 11 years unless he was gay. His followers were further persuaded that he was gay by the acclaim his character received for being realistic to the typical gay youngster.

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Cameron Monaghan was Happy to Represent the Gay Community

Although Cameron denied the speculations about his sexuality, he stated that he enjoyed playing a gay character with his co-star Noel Fisher as he could relate to the complex personality of the character. He also revealed that the character allowed him to represent the gay community and serve as a model for other gay teens.

Despite his rebuttal of the speculations, fans have remained adamant about their belief that the actor is gay. In turn, Cameron has chosen to ignore the rumors while focusing on his life and work, stating that it was odd for him to constantly declare his straight sexuality. Furthermore, Cameron and Noel have remained good friends and have not had any scandal trailing their sexuality outside of their roles in Shameless.

Is Cameron Monaghan Gay in Real Life?

In actual life, Cameron Monaghan is not gay. He previously dated American actress Peyton List, but he’s currently seeing Lauren Searle, an Australian-American model. Peyton and Lauren are both female, further demonstrating Cameron’s heterosexuality. Additionally, Cameron Monaghan has never wed. Although his relationship with model Lauren Searle is getting stronger, neither of the couples has mentioned getting married.

While Noel Fisher, a co-star in the TV show, is happily married, Cameron Monaghan is still unmarried. Cameron’s gay lover, played by Fisher, was named Mickey. Because of the character he played, fans also thought Noel was gay, but he has disproved this by being happily married to actress Layla Alizada for several years.

Noel and Layla began dating after meeting on the set of Godiva’s in 2005, and he proposed to her in 2014. On July 15, 2017, they got married, and they’ve been a happy couple ever since. Similar to Cameron, Noel appears unconcerned by the rumors regarding his sexual orientation and instead concentrates on his job and family.

Who is Cameron Monaghan’s Girlfriend?

Cameron Monaghan’s girlfriend is Lauren Searle, an Australian-American artist and model. Although the actor has not confirmed when and where exactly he met Lauren, they started dating each other in 2020 but only revealed their status via an Instagram post in September 2020.

The celebrity couple prefers to keep details of their relationship away from the public and has only been seen together at a few red carpet events like the 2021 MPTF Next Gen Summer Party and the premiers of Turning Red in 2022.


A Look at Cameron Monaghan’s Past Relationships

The speculations about Cameron’s sexuality hold no base as he has always been romantically affiliated with people of the opposite gender. Therefore, one can say with certainty that Cameron Monaghan is straight. Below is a list of all the ladies Cameron has dated over the years.

Sadie Newman was Cameron Monaghan’s First Publicly Known Girlfriend from 2014 to 2015

Cameron Monaghan’s first girlfriend was a British model and actress named Sadie Newman. He dated her from 2014-2015, and they were seen together at some public events like the premier of Southpaw. Cameron and Sadie’s relationship was a private one, as the fans could not keep up with their activities. Their relationship ended barely a year after without any controversies.

A year after she broke up with Cameron Monaghan, Sadie Newman started a healthy relationship with a rapper named Hoodie Allen. Although they tried to keep their relationship private, sources soon discovered that they started dating in the summer of 2016 and have remained together ever since.

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Ruby Modine had a Short Affair with Cameron Monaghan in 2016

Monaghan also dated Ruby Modine, his co-star in Shameless. They kept details of their relationship private as we could only confirm that they dated from 2016-2017.

Peyton List and Cameron Monaghan were Together from 2017 to 2019

Cameron Monaghan previously dated Peyton List, an American actress, before he met his present partner. On the set of the 2017 independent film Anthem of a Teenage Prophet, Cameron and Peyton first got to know one another. They started dating right away and dated for around two years before splitting up.

Speaking on how they met, Peyton revealed that she was attracted to Monaghan because he was very understanding. Since they were both in the same entertainment field, they easily understood that their work schedule could interfere with their love life, and they both found a way around it.

Despite not disclosing the cause of their split, they appear to have remained close friends as Monaghan tweeted that Peyton had been an incredible part of the previous two years. In addition, he reiterated his love for her despite their breakup, which won the admiration of his followers.

Following her breakup with Cameron, Peyton appears to still be dating. Since then, she has not made any new romances public and has not been spotted out in public with any new partners.


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