Is Corey Cunningham Related To Michael Myers? Why Did He Let Him Go?

Corey Cunningham is not related to Michael Myers as a family, but they have a close connection.

Halloween Ends has raised the threat of Michael Myers with the help of Corey Cunningham as the masked killer’s disciple. It brings a twist that had been hinted at since the release of its first trailer. Michael takes charge this time as Corey comes to fit in his place, beginning another murderous rampage across Haddonfield four years later.

Halloween Ends is a 2022 American psychological thriller film directed by David Gordan Green and written by Green, Danny McBride, Paul Brad Logan, and Chris Bernier. It is the sequel to Halloween Kills(2021), the thirteenth and last installment in the Halloween Franchise. The movie stars different well-known stars, including Rohan Campbell as one of the significant leads.

Other faces like Mark Curtis, and Nick Castle were expected to be a great hit by the director. However, unexpectedly Rohan took the spotlight away from them, being the newest celebrity crush of every girl out there. Rohan’s actor Corey came through as a breakout artist bringing the sinister’s character to life. As the movie starts with his scene, the character he played was interesting enough to keep the audience hooked until the end.


Quick Facts about Corey Cunningham’s Actor Rohan Campbell

Full Name Rohan Campbell
Birthplace Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Birthdate September 23, 1997
Age 25 years old
Profession Actor
Instagram campbellrohan



Corey is not related to Michael Myers but shares a connection of thought and vision.

Michael is one of the antagonist characters Nick Castle played in the thirteenth edition of the Halloween series. As the film is the prequel to Halloween Kills, it picks up four years later. Michael is absent from his last riot and is now set down in a sewer cave. Corey is a troubled young man who encounters Michael but successfully escapes from him.

As he was settled all alone in the cave, he later lured a cop into the cave and killed him. However, later Michael returns to Haddonfield, joining Corey as he kills a doctor and nurse. The killing of the doctor and nurse bothered Allyson, who started dating Corey. One of the other characters, Laurie sees Michael in Corey’s eyes; Laurie her remind of Michael, and Laurie tells Corey to stay away from Allyson.


Scene of Corey Cunningham in the movie Halloween Ends
Scene of Corey Cunningham in the movie Halloween Ends ( Source : static0 )


After long and exciting scenes of a more than 1-hour movie, at last, Laurie chops Michael’s arm, and he finally passes away due to heavy blood loss. Laurie straps Michael’s body to the roof of her car and drives him to the car yard, attracting Haddonfield’s residents. She then tips his corpse foot-first onto an industrial shredder, and he is crushed until he becomes a paste on the gears.

He could kill Corey in one of the scenes but chooses to leave him alive, which ignites the suspicion of Corey being related to Michael.

Why Did He Let Him Go?

Michael Myers let Corey go as he saw a vision of himself in Corey’s eye, which melted him down a bit.

In one scene of the movie, we can see Michael strangling Corey to kill him. However, amidst strangling, he leaves Corey out of nowhere because of the change in his heart. The difference in the heart was said to be caused by the reflection of himself in Corey’s eye.

This sudden vision made him realize how Corey had also suffered like Michael and developed a different kind of connection between them. However, the ultimate reason for Michael’s reasoning for letting Corey live is unexplained mainly, with Halloween Ends focusing more on Michael’s impact on Corey rather than the other way around.

Corey Cunningham Actor Rohan Campbell

Corey Cunningham’s character in the movie Halloween ends is played by the actor Rohan Campbell.

Rohan is the face behind the famous character from the movie, Corey. The 25 years old actor entered the world of acting in 2008 and got his breakthrough through the current film. The audience has successfully loved him as Corey. Previously he had done different roles in movies like The Right Kind of Wrong, The Valley Below, Once Upon a Time and many more.


picture of Rohan with his girlfriend Lauren
picture of Rohan with his girlfriend Lauren ( Source : instagram )


Rohan has swooned away the heart of millions of girls around the world. However, he is a taken man who is insanely in love with his girlfriend Lauren Boyd, about whom he flaunts on his social media.


Some Facts

Who are the main characters in Halloween Ends?

Mark Curtis, Nick Castle, and Rohan Campbell are the main characters in the movie Halloween Ends.

Who is Rohan Campbell?

Rohan Campbell is a Canadian actor who is playing the role of Corey Cunningham in the film.

Is this the last installment of the series?

Halloween Ends in the sequel of Halloween Kills. This is the thirteenth and the last installment of Halloween series.

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