Is Evan Peters Gay and Does He Have A Girlfriend or Wife?

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Evan Peters is not homosexual. Despite curiosity about his sexuality following his multiple gay characters in films, the actor is heterosexual. Evans is currently single, however he was previously in a high-profile romance with Emma Roberts.

Asides from Emma Roberts, Evan Peters has dated several other women in the past, and this is clearly in contrast to what is expected of a gay man. Also, there has not been any verified report that the actor has dated a man in the past. Evan Peters has, over many years, become a household name in Hollywood. But away from his successful acting career, this post reveals all there is to know about his love/dating life and sexuality.

What Is Evan Peters’ Sexuality?

Evan Peters’ sexuality is straight. However, despite the long list of women he has dated in the past, many people are yet to believe his true sexual preference. Since his rise to stardom, there have been strong speculations and rumors about Evan being gay, as his fans believe he has an interest in sexual relations with a fellow man.

This claim is founded on the fact that he has perfectly portrayed some gay roles in movies. Evan Peters is an American actor who has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows but is famously known for his multiple roles in Ryan Murphy’s FX anthology series, American Horror Story, which aired from 2011 to 2021.

One of the movies where he played a gay role was Monster – Dahmer: The Jeffrey Dahmer. In the series, which was originally released on 21st September 2022, Peters played the role of Jeffrey Dahmer, a gay serial killer in America whose focus was killing gay black men. Evan’s resemblance to the real Jeffrey Dahmer made him just the perfect character for the role.


Evan is not new to playing such creepy characters in thriller and horror productions. He also portrayed such a role in the anthology series American Horror Story where he played the role of the gay and deranged Dahmer with expertise. Again, in Ryan Murphy’s Pose, a series that aired from 3rd June 2018 to 6th June 2021 on FX, Evan Peters portrayed the character of a real estate mogul who was cheating on his wife with a transgender prostitute.

Fans argued that Evan Peters could not have played the role so well for three years if he was not gay. It was while shooting the series that he was said to have developed an appreciation for the queer community. So, it is safe to say that his portrayal of gay characters in movies has remained one of the significant reasons many people question his sexuality.

But after all, Evan is not gay, although he clearly has no issue playing gay characters. Evan has not exactly addressed the speculations about his sexuality but has reflected on his role as a gay serial killer. Speaking in an interview with GQ about his role in Monster – Dahmer: The Jeffrey Dahmer, Peters said, “This is a whole world and culture that I knew nothing about.”

He also said that it was really a massive learning experience for him and that he has grown a lot. “I’ve learned a lot from the trans community”, he added. Explaining further about the experience he gained in the movie, Peters stated that they are an incredibly strong community that deals with bigger problems than anything he has ever dealt with, and that made him humbled.

Is Evan Peters Married or Single?

Evans Peters is not married and has never been married before. However, this has since not put a stop to numerous questions from the public about who his wife is. Those who speculate and believe he is married probably must have come to that conclusion as he has attained marriageable age. Evan Peter was born on 20th January 1987 and is 36 years old at the moment.

So, given his age and successful career, it is not difficult to see the reason many have assumed he is married. Well, he is not, as we have earlier stated. Evan has also never mentioned that he has any issues about marriage or the reason he is yet to marry. He seems to be more devoted to his career at the moment, and it is hard to tell if he intends to get married in the nearest future.


Also, since he has not publicly showcased any woman as his girlfriend, the media and the general public conclude that the American Horror Story star is currently single and is not in any romantic relationship. For a couple of years now, it seems the actor has carefully been keeping a low profile on his personal life.

Meanwhile, Peters once opened up about what exactly he is looking for in a woman. In 2015, during an interview he granted to Cosmopolitan, the actor said that he wants a woman that accepts him the way he is and is cool with him regardless of whatever thing he says or does.

“If I say the wrong thing or do something stupid or fumble or spill s*** on my shirt, she’s OK with it” He admitted that there are a lot of girls who wouldn’t want to do that, but at the same time, there are also a few who would, and those are the ones he can go for.

Evan Peters’ Dating History

Evan Peters has been in the spotlight not only for his flourishing acting career but also for his high-profile relationships with women, most of whom are also in the entertainment industry. His most recent past relationship was with Emma Roberts, and their relationship got serious to the point that they got engaged, but sadly, they later called it quits.

Unlike several Hollywood actors, Evan has not been linked to a ton of women. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the actor said, “I’m just shy. I’m not very good at dating”. For many, it’s weird for such a big star and a good-looking guy to say such.

Evan Peters Had a High-profile and Rollercoaster Relationship with Emma Roberts

Evan Peters and Emma Roberts were in an on-and-off relationship for seven years, from 2012 to 2019. Emma Roberts is a 32 year-old American actress born on the 10th of February 1991. She started acting in 2000 and is best known for her role as Addie Singer on the Nickelodeon television teen sitcom, Unfabulous. Some of her other popular movies are Wild Child, Scream Queens, We’re The Millers, Paradise Hills, etc.

Emma and Evan Met on the Set of Adult World

The two movie stars first met in 2012 when they were filming the American comedy-drama film Adult World. According to reports, the actress at first got smitten with Evan and did not make any effort to hide her interest in him. According to her, immediately she saw Evan, she knew they were certainly going to date. Peters, on his own side, felt low-spirited at first but later fell for her.


Shortly after, they met and began dating in the same year that the filming was completed. They became a couple in July 2012, when images of them holding hands and locking arms at Emma’s stylist, Emily Current’s, wedding ceremony went viral on the internet. They debuted on the red carpet during the 70th Annual Golden Globes.

In fact, the first few months of their relationship were nothing short of blissful. However, trouble came into paradise in July 2013 when Emma was arrested following alleged domestic violence. While holidaying in Montreal, Canada, the duo got into a loud argument in their hotel room and began to hit each other, and a guest who overheard their dispute was forced to call the police.

Upon arrival, the police found out that Evan had visible injuries while Roberts was unscathed. The actress was arrested but was released some hours later because Peters refused to press charges. In a joint statement they later released, the duo called the scandal an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding and said they were working together to get past it.

And indeed, they got past their misunderstanding, and a few months later, in December 2013, they got engaged. Peters proposed to Roberts with a diamond and pink gold ring, and the event happened over the holidays in New York City, after which they headed for London to celebrate the New Year.

They Broke Up and Reconciled Twice Before Finally Calling it Quits in 2019

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters’ engagement lasted barely two years before they called it off and broke up in June 2015. They stayed apart for the next three months and got back together again in September 2015, only to break up again in May 2016. Their breakup this second time also lasted for three months, and they reconciled again in September 2016.

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters
Emma Roberts and Evan Peters, 

The couple remained together for the next three years before they ultimately broke up for the last time in March 2019 and went their separate ways for good. As to the actual reason they finally called it quits, the ex-couple has decided to remain silent. They only maintained that their breakup wasn’t a nasty one and that they remained good friends.

However, some sources who claim to be close to them revealed that they went their separate ways because the relationship had become very toxic. According to the source, the duo would stay for days and not speak to each other. Although they weathered many storms together, Evan and Emma’s relationship is best described as a rollercoaster.

The news of their breakup was sure a disappointing story to their fans. However, they moved on with their lives soon enough, and while Evan began dating singer Halsey, Emma started dating a fellow Hollywood star, Garrett Hedlund. Although they have also broken up with these partners respectively.

Halsey and Evan Peters

After breaking up with Emma Roberts, Peters found love again in the arms of Halsey, a 28 year-old award-winning American singer and songwriter whose real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. Halsey started singing in 2012 and is better known for her songs Ghost, New Americana, Nightmare, Now or Never, Without Me, among others


Halsey and Peters sparked dating rumors in September 2019 after they were spotted holding hands at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. They officially confirmed their relationship on Instagram and made their first public appearance as a couple in the following month at the American Horror Story 100th episode party. They also attended several other public outings as well as red-carpet events.

Although they seemed to be going on strong at the time, their relationship hit the rocks in March 2020. The news of their split circulated in the same month after it was noticed that Halsey had deleted all photos of Evan from her Instagram page. Even though the real reason behind their breakup isn’t known, the singer once sparked rumors that they broke up on a bad note after she liked a tweet seemingly shading Evan.

Alexia Quinn


Alexia Quinn is a 35 year-old American actress known for her roles in the movies Small Talk, Sorority Slaughterhouse, Boys Before Friends, and LoveJacked. Quinn gained further public recognition for her relationship with Peters. As a matter of fact, their relationship was before that of Evan and Roberts. The two first met in 2011 on the set of the play, Living at Home.

They started dating shortly and were publicly seen together in January 2012, during Evan’s birthday party, which was celebrated at a Las Vegas nightclub. However, their relationship came to an end later that year, just when Peters started filming Adult World.

Pixie Geldof and Eva Peters Dated From 2010 to 2011

Pixie Geldof is the third daughter of Irish singer and political activist Bob Geldof and British TV presenter and writer Paula Yates. Currently 33 years old, Pixie Geldof is an English model and singer. She has modeled for and been the face of such brands as Vivienne Westwood, Pringle of Scotland, Debenhams, Agent Provocateur, Diesel, Razzle, etc.


Pixie and Evan sparked dating rumors back in 2010 after they were seen holding hands and kissing at Coachella. As expected, people believed they must be a couple. They were together for about a year and split in 2011. Apart from this, nothing much is known about their relationship. Meanwhile, Pixie is now married to English drummer George Barnett. They got married in June 2017 and have a daughter together.

Alexandra Breckenridge

Alexandra Breckenridge is a 41 year-old American actress best known for her role as Melinda “Mel” Monroe in the Netflix series Virgin River. Peters and Alexandra were both stars in American Horror Story. Alexandra was the first woman that Peters publicly dated. The duo reportedly dated from 2007 to 2010, and that was before starring in American Horror Story.


There is little information concerning their connection, which is most likely due to Peters’ lack of fame at the time. Alexandra Breckenridge has been married to guitarist Casey Hooper since September 2015, and the couple has two children. Notably, Evan Peters has not have any children from any of his partnerships.

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