Kena: Bridge of Spirits headed to Steam next month

Impressive-looking adventure Kena: Bridge of Spirits will come to Steam for the first time next month, on 27th September.

That date roughly marks a year since Kena first debuted on PC via the Epic Game Store, as well as on PlayStation.

To celebrate this, a fresh Steam listing for the game now includes details of a fittingly-titled Anniversary Update. This will add a New Game Plus mode, an enhanced photo mode, new outfits and more.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits was widely-praised for its visuals.

“Sharpen your skills and unlock rewards in The Trials, including: Wave Defenses, Obstacle Courses, and the chance to take on key boss-fights again and again,” the listing explains, detailing another new feature.

“Discover Charmstones that can be equipped to provide different advantages and disadvantages to customise your playstyle,” it continues.

Malindy Hetfeld gave the game a mixed write-up in Eurogamer’s Kena: Bridge of Spirits review, describing it as “a gorgeous yet unoriginal adventure”.

“To me, Kena: Bridge of Spirits very much has first game syndrome – something with all the right ideas, weakened by their execution,” Malindy wrote, describing developer Ember Lab’s debut.

Here’s hoping this freshly-updated version of the game provides a little more, one year later.

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