Learn About “I Won’t Let You Go” Actress – Meet Who Is Amanda Cordner

Who Is Amanda Cordner? Learn About I Won't Let You Go Actress

Amanda Cordner has now gained recognition as a talented actress by the Canadian audience. 

Sort Of, the pioneering CBC and HBO Max series has received much critical acclaim; it has 13 nominations for the Canadian Screen Awards this year and has appeared on various best-of lists in 2021, including NOWs.

Co-star Amanda Cordner, on the other hand, is particularly enthusiastic about how young people react to the show’s treatment of queerness, gender, and race.

A waiter at a Toronto restaurant approached her, almost in tears, and expressed her delight at seeing queer Toronto onscreen, unapologetically and uninhibitedly. That meant a lot to the actress.


Fans Want To Know Amanda Cordner Wiki And Age Details

With the actress’s growing popularity, fans quickly noticed that Amanda Cordner had set an example that age does not effect beginning a career.


Amanda Cordner for WarnerMedia Pressroom
Amanda Cordner for WarnerMedia Pressroom


Cordner, who was born and raised in Schomberg, Ontario, and attended school in Thornhill, has long been recognized by theatergoers in Toronto.

Featherweight and The Penelopiad have benefited from the actor’s brilliance and electric energy. Cordner, who knew Baig from the independent theater scene, was on the verge of declining the project.

Body So Fluorescent, one of two works she co-created with David di Giovanni, received her the Jon Kaplan Spotlight Award at SummerWorks, along with Ring The Roses.

While series writers Baig and Fab Filippo based 7ven’s persona on Cordner in some ways, the actor herself claims there are significant distinctions.

Meanwhile, she continues to collaborate with di Giovanni, whom she met when they were both students in Vaughan at the age of 14. Body So Fluorescent would like to be remounted in a larger production.

Find Out Amanda Cordner Net Worth In 2022

Amanda Cordner is believed to have amassed a net worth of millions of dollars as of 2022 from her career.

Cordner’s career as an actor and television personality is her primary source of income. Furthermore, Amanda also has her direction in movies and TV shows.

She is also active in several other projects that contribute to her enormous wealth. With such large net worth, we may assume the actress has an opulent lifestyle.

Amanda is passionate about teaching all young people the art of stage performance, not simply aspiring actors looking for a creative outlet.


Amanda Cordner is a well-known actress in Canada
Amanda Cordner is a well-known actress in Canada


Madonnanera Performance was founded by Cordner and David di Giovanni in 2016. It’s a business dedicated to creating challenging and intersectional new work for the stage and television.

Amanda Cordner Dating History: Does She Have A Boyfriend?

When a pandemic struck in 2020, actor-writer Amanda Cordner had just wrapped production on a film based on a play she co-wrote with her high school friend and creative partner David Di Giovanni.

They’d been pals since they met in the arts program at St. Elizabeth Catholic High School in Thornhill, Ontario.

After graduation, however, they separated up, with Di Giovanni going to school in Montreal and Cordner continuing her studies in theatre at York.

They kept in touch, but it wasn’t until 2015, when Di Giovanni was accepted into York University’s MFA Theatre program, that they collaborated on an artistic project.

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