Legendary Rella Age and Birthday: How Old Is The Drill Rapper?

Legendary Rella, aged 22, is a musical artist, rapper, and songwriter.

Legendary Rella has recorded her verse over Cardi B’s “Up.” She is also an influencer, with her career professionally represented by Banks Management.

Additionally, she is also a social media personality and TikTok content creator best known for her self-titled account. The musical artist made her TikTok debut in late 2021.

Her first video features a sound made popular by Detty Sanchez. In April 2022, one of her couple’s videos went viral, garnering over 1.5 million views.

She is a Spotify-verified artist with over 50 songs and an average of 3607 monthly listeners. In 2022, she released numerous singles and EPs, including Wilin, My City, Take Over, Being Honest, and many others.

Before knowing about Legendary Rella in detail, learn about her through her quick facts.

Quick Facts About Legendary Rella

Real Name Rella
Date Of Birth 2000
Age 22 years old
Birth Location Harlem, New York
Parents Unknown
Instagram @iamlegendaryrella
Boyfriend buba100x
Profession rapper, songwriter



Legendary Rella Age

Legendary Rella is 22 years old, as she was born around 2000.

Legendary Rella has not revealed her birth date making it difficult to know when she celebrates her birthday each year. Though she has not mentioned her full date of birth, she has stated her age once while her Instagram was disabled.

Rella was born to her parents in the year 2000 in Harlem, New York. She grew up in a rough neighborhood. Legendary Rella stated, “Growing up in Harlem helped me build character, helped with my creativity, and made me want more out of life.”

On the other hand, Rella has not revealed much about her childhood other than the fact that she began writing her music and songs at a young age. She has never discussed her parents or siblings on the internet.

Rella stated in the interview that she has always loved music since she was a child. “I used to stand in front of the television and sing along word for word and imitate their exact dance moves, wishing she was them on screen,” she added.


Legendar Rella's recent image on her post says
Legendar Rella’s recent image on her post says “I got ya front but is you behind me ? ” ( Source : instagram )


What Is Legendary Rella’s Real Name?

Legendary Rella’s real name is Rella which comes from Cinderella.

Legendary Rella’s name is derived from the fairy tale Cinderella. She put Legendary in front of my name because that is her goal (Legendary). She stated, “But I liked Cinderella’s story about how she rose from rags to riches. I wished for that as a little girl, thinking of the future me.”

Rella was so taken with the Cinderella fairy tale that she felt compelled to keep her name derived from it. She has disclosed the origin of her name but not her last name.

However, Rella has been going by that name ever since she started her career, and her followers also like to refer to her as Legendary Rella. Though she has mentioned how her name came, she has not revealed if it was her real name.


The musical artist Rella poses in front of BILTMORE
The musical artist Rella poses in front of BILTMORE ( Source : instagram )


What Is Legendary Rella’s Net Worth?

Legendary Rella might have a significant net worth above $1 million, which she earned from a successful career as a rapper and songwriter.

As a social media influencer, she also makes money from endorsements and advertisements. Rella has already amassed a sizable fortune at such a young age in addition to her notoriety.

She is a talented and versatile artist whose net worth is expected to rise in the coming years. Her greatest ambition is to work with Doja Cat, which she will achieve in the coming days.

Since starting her career as a musician a few years ago, Rella has released more than 50 songs. She also earns a lot of money from her YouTube channel, which is monetized.

Legendary Rella has a YouTube channel with the name Rella Gzz, where she officially releases her songs. She has more than 30.4k subscribers and more than 2 million views.

She is also quite active on Instagram with the username @iamlegendaryrella and has more than 162k followers to date. She frequently posts advertisements and endorsements on her IG profile.




Some Facts

How old is Legendary Rella?

Legendary Rella is 22 years old, having been born in 2000.

Who is Legendary Rella dating?

Legendaey Rella is dating her boyfriend name Buba100x.

Where is Legendary Rella from?

Legendary Rella is from Harlem, New York.

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