Lewis Gribben Age, How Old Is The Actor Who Plays Danny In “Somewhere Boy?”

Meet Lewis Gribben? Meet The Actor Who Plays Danny In "Somewhere Boy?"

Lewis Gribben, aged 22, is recently in the limelight following his role as Danny in “Somewhere Boy.”

Somewhere Boy, a moving new drama on Channel 4, chronicles the extraordinary life of lonely teenager Danny, who has been kept indoors by his father because of made-up murderous monsters.

Lewis Gribben plays the role of Danny, an 18 years old young boy who is incredibly happy, adores his father, and enjoys romantic comedies and music.

Lewis began his career in 2019 after finishing his education in a different drama school. His most well-known works include Deadwater Fell (2020) and Get Duked! (2019), Masters of the Air, and T2 Trainspotting (2017, 2018).

He is a promising actor who has done versatile roles in different movies and television shows. His fame will reach its peak in the coming years as he is giving his best in every work he has done.

Now that he is starring in “Somewhere Boy,” a brand-new drama that debuted its first episode on October 16, it will be exciting to watch him in that role.


Quick Facts About Lewis Gribben

Full Name Lewis Gribben
Date Of Birth November 12, 1999
Birth Location Glasgow, Scotland, United Kindom
Age 22 years old
Nationality British
Profession Actor and Television personality
NetWorth $1 million
Instagram @gribbenlewis



Lewis Gribben appears as Lenny on his Channel 4 drama
Lewis Gribben appears as Lenny on his Channel 4 drama “Somwhere Boy”( Source : radiotimes )



Lewis Gribben Age: How Old Is “Somewhere Boy” Actor?

Lewis Gribben has turned 22 years old as he was born on November 12, 1999, in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kindom.

He began taking drama classes at Glasgow’s Citizens Theatre when he was seven, and by fourteen, he knew he wanted to be an actor. Since then, he has been working tirelessly toward his goal.

The actor grew up in Glasgow and attended Clyde College for two years before graduating from Queen Magaret University in 2019 with a BA in Hons Acting for Stage and Screen.

Additionally, Lewis studied drama at secondary school while growing up as a member of the Citizens youth groups. He then continued his drama studies at Clyde College, where he earned an HND in Acting and Performance.

His career has quickly progressed from a brief, uncredited appearance in Danny Boyle’s “T2:Trainspotting” to the title role in an eight-episode television series, but he doesn’t take his success for granted.


Lewis Gribben on his photo says
Lewis Gribben on his photo says “Mr suit buzzington” ( Source : instagram )


10 Facts About The Actor Lewis Gribben

  1. Lewis Gribben was born on November 12, 1999, which makes him 22 years old.
  2. Lewis was born and raised by his parents in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.
  3. He struggled with dyslexia and an Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis which made him socially isolated and removed from other students.
  4. Lewis Gribben is best known for making his film debut in T2 Trainspotting in 2017.
  5. He enrolled in youth drama classes at the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow when he was just seven years old, and it was there that he first fell in love with acting.
  6. Lewis received two years of training at Clyde College before earning a BA Hons in Acting for Stage and Screen from QMU in 2019.
  7. Gribben began filming the role of Dylan in C4’s intense drama ‘Deadwater Fell’ shortly after finishing his studies.
  8. He is active on Instagram with the username @gribbenlewis and has accumulated more than thousands of followers.
  9. He appears in the brand-new Channel 4 drama Somewhere Boy, whose premiere episode aired on October 16, 2022.
  10. Lewis Gribben has an estimated net worth of more than $1 Million, according to Ncertpoint.com.


“Somewhere Boy” actor Lewis Gribben selfie posted on his IG profile on August 2021 ( Source : instagram )


Some Facts

When will “Somewhere Boy” premiere?

“Somewhere Boy” premiered its first episode on October 16 2022.

How old is Lewis Gribben?

Lewis Gribben is 22 years old versatile actor.

Is Lewis Gribben married?

Lewis Gribben is not married, he is focusing on his career at the moment.

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