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May your daughter not be used as a “wealth-booster?”


DEAREST Parents, Whenever I write that a lot of girls don’t know what they carry neither do their parents know, I know what I’m talking about. Also, haven’t you ever wondered why the African traditional practices which are deep in the supernatural and fetish attach so much value to a girl’s virginity?

The female folk have been created by God with amazing spiritual gifts he hasn’t bestowed upon men. Also, an average woman can almost be likened to a deity as empowered by God. Any wonder why we have the sole privilege of incubating a human in our wombs for 9 months. An average woman is a harbinger of everything good and in particular- wealth! And yet they could also be unbelievably destructive! Haven’t you ever come across men who were once impoverished becoming so rich shortly after getting married? Unfortunately, a lot of “wise men” are taking advantage of this and emptying thousands of girls/ladies daily of what God has deposited in them to make them very comfortable and prosperous in life!

A lot of girls are already finished even before they are age 20 and that’s why you find some women who enjoyed a wealthy lifestyle in their early 20’s while dating rich men who in their 40’s/50’s have nothing good to show for their days on earth and are practically living from hand to mouth. This is a very serious matter!

About 2 months ago, a 16-year-old virgin came out to tell the world how a public servant invited her into his home and room and sexually-harassed her while he chanted incantations. Believe me, if that man had his way with the girl, there’s the probability that he would be settled for life from just one intercourse as a result of a transference of spirits/virtues. Yes! And the girl would become a complete shadow of her “original” as he would have invoked her positive aura, her prosperity, her stars, her glory and a lot more! The world is highly-occultic and these men don’t even have to sleep with these girls anymore before tapping from their virtues or practically draining them of it!

Parents…parents…parents, with due respect to the boys who have their individual gifts and sterling qualities, spiritually- every girl-child is the light in your home! Her presence can bring you what a lifetime of hard-work cannot fetch you! Her simple supplication to God can fight for you and give you what powers you can’t deal with have deprived your generation for years! She can turn you from a pauper to a rich man if you raise her intentionally and allow the power of God work in her! I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!

Is it good for a total stranger to empty her of what God has deposited in her to become one of world’s most influential women/build you a mansion and fly you all over the world and give you a most beautiful life God has designed to compensate you with some day?

Sirs and mas, may I announce to you that the world is going to get worse! 2 Tim.3:13 could you please plead with your daughters to be contented and stay away from promiscuous friends? Could you please remind them every morning of what they stand to gain if only they could shut the world away and face God with all their heart? Could you please tell them the world’s most beautiful and highly-sought after women are those who are sexually-pure and godly and not those a materialistic society celebrate on social media? Could you please tell them a lot of glittering ladies are spiritually-ragged? Could you please constantly remind them of Mary, Esther and Joseph in the bible?

May I announce to you that more people are going to reap where they didn’t sow this decade and more men are going to use the unsuspecting and innocent girls out there to boost their wealth? Now, can you imagine the lot of ladies who foolishly go all out to sleep with men in exchange for money? They have done themselves in and might as well say a permanent goodbye to their glorious virtues because they traded it! Hmm…I can tell you one is better off dead than alive while another person is thriving with one’s virtues! MAY WE NOT BECOME A LIVING-DEAD!

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Girls, too many women are being knocked down by life when they should be TITANS! Concentrate on God now not guys! May love poems not scatter your dreams!

You’re still struggling for an admission into the university at 22 and you are engaging in ungodly sex! Hmm…may we not lose our mind and brain to the devil!

I know some ladies who have been emptied of what should make them billionaires now begging to feed! Close your thighs! May you not become a victim in Jesus name!


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