Meet Actor James Scully Wife: His Dating History And Relationship Timeline

Who Is Actor James Scully Wife? His Dating History And Relationship Timeline

Straight Up actor James Scully is still single but may have a wife in the future. 

James is a famous American actor and model who is best known for portraying Remy on television, and Something’s More Than One Thing which is under post-production. 

Moreover, he worked in Los Angeles but is presently residing in New York City, performing Off-Broadway. He made his professional career acting debut in the web series drama ” Sublets ” as a party guest. 

The actor has been credited with a total of 13 entertaining projects as an actor as of 2022 including Fire Island(2022), City of Ghosts(2021`), You(2019-2021), and so many others.

Besides James, ther actors and actresses including James Sweeney and Dana Dori have also starred in Straight Up.


Who Is Actor James Scully’s Wife?

The rising star or actor James Scully is still single and hasn’t married as of 2022; it seems he is focused on his career.

However, fans assume the marriage is the cause of his age, and he might have a plan to marry in the coming up year. 

According to his Instagram post on February 14, 2020, Scully is openly gay and is proud to introduce himself as gay. He shared a post with the status,” when I was 12 and realized that I was gay.”


James Scully is with @jennaortega with the status
James Scully is with @jennaortega with the status ” por que no los dos “.


Moreover, ” I figured well, you will just lie about this forever, and no one will figure it out, mind you, at this point, other people had already been telling me I was gay for like four years ago, so that plan was pretty flawed from the start.” he added in his Instagram post. 

There is the long description he wrote while officially announcing his gender to his fans and followers, which one can read from her Instagram post uploaded in 2020.

James Scully Dating History & Relationship Timeline

Subsequently, James Scully is a multi-talented, accomplished, and attractive man, which is why everyone on the internet is appealing to his dating history and relationship timeline, but these details are still a mystery

The talented actor James hasn’t been in an open relationship till now, but he shared photos with some girls on his Instagram account and wrote heart emoji in the description. 

In Los Angeles, California, United States of America, James shared a photo with Jenna Ortega, a public figure who has 7.7 million followers on her Instagram account as of 2022. One can see her professional career photos and videos. 


James Scully is with his colleagues @kara.overlien and  @cndoak
James Scully is with his colleagues @kara.overlien and @cndoak


Further, he uploaded a photo on October 15, 2019, in which a model and web star, Grace Victoria Cox, is kissing him, and he wrote a status, “I just want to do goofball shit with my friends.”

In his Instagram account with the username @scullynjames, where he has 300k followers as of 2022, he mostly shared his professional and personal photos with his colleagues and friends, as you can see from his Instagram recent and early posts.

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