Meet Cabral Jones and Mattai Jones: Van Jones’ Children

Cabral Jones Background Details

Van Jones is the father of three kids: sons Mattai and Cabral Jones as well as an unnamed daughter.

Before divorcing in 2018, the American news and political pundit, author, and lawyer had his first two children (the boys) with Jana Carter. Van became aware of his desire for another child a few years after his marriage ended. In 2022, he and his lifelong friend Noemi welcomed their sole child, a girl, as a result of this decision.

Meet Van Jones’ Children

Van Jones is not just an awesome journalist with a highly decorated award shelf, he is also a devoted father. The Emmy Award winner first welcomed two sons during his marriage to Jana Carter. Though the two are now living separate lives, they have a peaceful arrangement to co-parent their kids

Mattai Jones is Van Jones’s Son and First Child

Mattai Jones is the first child of Van Jones and his former wife, Jana Carter. He was named after Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan activist. The activist championed the Green Belt Movement to promote tree planting, environmental protection, and women’s rights.

Being a public figure can have diverse effects, especially on family members. For this reason, Van Jones has made sure to shield his children from the media attention that surrounds him. Thus, the date of birth of Mattai Jones is not known, but he was born in the United States, where his parents were residing at the time of his birth.

Like his birth details, Mattai Jones’ academic record is also not available in the public space. However, he seems to be in college already, as seen in some posts his father shared online. He is also reported to be active in sports and has musical talents as well.

Cabral Jones

Mattai Jones grew up with a brother named Cabral. The siblings share one thing in common, and that is the lack of information about them in the public space. Like Mattai, Cabral Jones’ date of birth is also not known. In fact, no clear picture of him has been obtained by the public.

Van Jones has kept the personal details about his children private and away from public scrutiny.

Meet Van Jones’s Daughter with His Longtime Friend Noemi Zamacona

In February 2022, Van Jones welcomed his daughter with his longtime friend Noemi Zamacona. According to Van Jones, he will team up with Noemi to raise their daughter as co-parenting partners. Explaining how he decided to have another child after many years of welcoming his last son, Van said the COVID-19 lockdown gave him enough space to think about certain things, and he decided he wanted another child.

“After the COVID lockdown, I got clear that I wanted another kid. I discovered that my friend Noemi also wanted a baby. So, we decided to join forces and become conscious co-parents. It’s a concept that I hope more people will explore and consider.”

It was a perfect moment for the two friends, and they are now playing their roles in training their daughter. Van Jones also used the opportunity to encourage more people to embrace the idea of becoming conscious co-parents.

Van Jones and His Sons’ Mother are No Longer Married

Van Jones and Jana Carter 

Though specific reasons were not given for the divorce, Van Jones made it clear that there is no beef between him and Jana Carter, and even after the divorce, they still love each other. In a statement about the split, he said;

“Though we have decided to end our marriage, we still love each other very much. We will continue raising our kids together, running our businesses together, and supporting each other’s growth. There is no beef or drama – just evolution.”

According to the media personality, the two evolved in their various endeavors in life, and the growth affected the way they felt for each other, thus, the divorce. They needed to move on to other things in their separate lives and are doing great in their different endeavors. Both Van and Jana are co-parenting their children amicably and have remained good friends to date.

In 2005, Van Jones and Jana Carter exchanged vows in a private ceremony. Before deciding to divorce in 2018, they were married for 13 years. Their divorce was finalized in 2019 following their separation, but according to Jones, divorce does not spell the end of their family.

Jana Carter’s only claim to fame is her marriage to a well-known media figure. Her birth information and family history are unknown, and she is primarily recognized as Van Jones’ ex-wife. Carter’s professional past is also private, just like her personal information. Though they are no longer a couple, it is crucial to emphasize that she is still very much a part of Van Jones’s life.

Who is Van Jones’s Second Baby Mama?


Popularly known as Noemi Zamacona, Van Jones’ second baby mama is a death penalty mitigation specialist, investigator, and supervisor. She is also the Department Custody monitor at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office. Noemi is a native of Zacatecas in Mexico but resides and works in the United States.

Noemi graduated from the Department of Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She came out with good grades and has been practicing in her field for more than six years. Before she became an investigator, Nolemi first worked at Edward A Hall Middle School and Pajaro Valley High School for a period of two years.

Later, she worked as a Chicano Latino Resource Intern at the Ethnic Resource Center before moving on to work as the Group Supervisor for Juvenile Hall at the Santa Cruz County Probation Center. The largest work she has ever had in her career is what she is doing now as a criminal defense investigator.

Noemi is known as a close friend to CNN host Van Jones in addition to being well-known in her career as an investigator, despite the fact that the two are not wed or in a relationship. Being aware co-parents while still maintaining their distinct lifestyles makes their relationship pretty fascinating. In February 2022, information of Noemi’s shared parenting arrangement with Van Jones was public.


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