Meet Emily Ratajkowski New Boyfriend On Instagram: Facts About DJ Orazio Rispo Age, Career and Net Worth

DJ Orazio Rispo Age and Net Worth: Meet Emily Ratajkowski New Boyfriend On Instagram

Orazio Rispo pictured having dinner in a fancy restaurant ( Source : pagesix )

DJ Orazio Rispo is the new boyfriend of Emily Ratajkowski, and he has an age difference of 4 years with the Nickelodeon actress.

American supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski’s mystery man is no longer a mystery as he is identified as DJ Orazio Rispo.

DailyMail captured the woman sharing a passionate kiss with a handsome hunk on Friday, October 14, during their date night in New York, thus beginning the story of her new love interest. While his identity was not known at first, several sources in recent times, including Meaww, have confirmed the man being Rispo.

These pictures also ended the rumors of the actress going out with the actor Bradd Pitt after people started talking about the two following Emily’s separation from her ex-husband. She called it quits with Sebastian Bear-McClard three months earlier and filed for divorce in September, reports Hollywood Life.

But this article is not about the lady’s past but, instead, her present, and Ratajkowski’s present is Orazio, with whom she has already had a few date nights per the sources. Here are some further details to know about the man.


Quick Facts On DJ Orazio Rispo

Real Name Orazio Rispo
Age 35
Birthplace New York, United States
Nationality American
Father Giampiero Rispo
Instagram @orispo
Profession DJ



Orazio Rispo Age: How Old Is Emily Ratajkowski New Boyfriend?

Emily Ratajkowski’s new boyfriend, Orazio Rispo, is 35 years old. He was born in 1987 in New York, United States.


Emily Ratajkowski and Orazio Rispo pictured walking together in New York
Emily Ratajkowski and Orazio Rispo pictured walking together in New York ( Source : etonline )


The age gap between Emily and her new lover, Orazio, is four years since the actress is 31. She was born on June 7, 1991, in Westminster, London, United Kingdom. Even though she was born in the UK, her parents are American, and thus, the lady has American nationality.

Rispo was born into a good family and had a passion for music from a young age. He was around 15 when he started his career as a musician and eventually progressed as a DJ in the commercial industry. He has followed his passion to date and has been active in the industry for over two decades, per sources.

Orazio Rispo Net Worth as A DJ

Orazio Rispo is a successful DJ who has a net worth of millions from his 20 years of dedication to his musical career.

His girlfriend, Emily Ratajkowski, is a supermodel and Nickelodeon star with a net worth of $8 Million.

He has performed at various places between different continents, and his work spans different cultures and genres, per his bio on the Algeria record label website. With a two-decades-long career in music, Rispo has been a ReSolute resident for almost a decade.

Besides that, the man owns and operates the Halcyon Record Shop in Brooklyn. His father, Giampiero Rispo, is a real estate mogul with a fortune valued in the hundreds of millions, given he works with wealthy personalities and their properties.

DJ Orazio Rispo and Emily Ratajkowski Relationship & Photos on Instagram

DJ Orazio Rispo and Emily Ratajkowski are in a romantic relationship, but it is not a serious union.


Orazio Rispo and Emily Ratajkowski pictured leaving on motorbike after having a dinner
Orazio Rispo and Emily Ratajkowski pictured leaving on motorbike after having a dinner ( Source : dailymail )


A close source of People revealed that the two were only having fun dates and enjoying time together. The report further mentions that the supermodel is not looking forward to getting into another serious relationship only a few months after ending her four years long marriage.

Few other reports claim that Ratajkowski and Rispo have already gone out on a few dates and are having fun hanging out with each other. But they have not made their fling official since the lady has not shared any information about it on her social media.

Likewise, Orazio has kept his Instagram account with the username @orispo in private mode. So, we cannot see if he has posted anything about it. Nonetheless, there are multiple pictures of their recent night out on the internet that you can find easily.


Some Facts

How Old Is DJ Orazio Rispo?

DJ Orazio Rispo is 35 years old, four years older than his supermodel girlfriend Emily Ratajkowski.

What Is Orazio Rispo’s Net Worth?

Orazio Rispo’s net worth is unknown at the moment but he is believed to be a wealthy millionaire.

Who Is Emily Ratajkowski’s New Boyfriend Orazio Rispo?

Emily Ratajkowski’s new boyfriend Orazio Rispo is a New York based DJ with a career spanning over two decades.


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