Meet Matthew Stafford’s Children: Tyler Hall, Hunter Hope, Chandler, and Sawyer Stafford

Tyler Hall Stafford Background Details

Tyler Hall, Hunter Hope, Chandler, and Sawyer Stafford are the kids of Matthew Stafford. They are notable not just for being the daughters of the well-known American sportsmen, but also for being ardent supporters of both their father’s NFL career and, naturally, the Cincinnati Bengals, who are their father’s team.

The four girls’ mother, Kelly Hall, frequently shares them on her social media profile, which has greatly contributed to their reputation. What’s more, concerning the Stafford girls?

Matthew Stafford Has Four Children With His Wife, Kelly Hall


Matthew Stafford is married to his wife, Kelly Hall, now known as Kelly Stafford. Since their wedding in 2015, they have had four children together. With all four of his children as girls, Matthew is the true definition of a ‘Girl Dad.’ Matthew Stafford’s four children are Sawyer Stafford, Chandler Stafford, Hunter Stafford, and Tyler Stafford. Find out more about Matthew Stafford’s children below.

Sawyer and Chandler Stafford

  • Date of birth: March 31, 2017
  • Age: 6 years old


After their wedding in April 2015, Matthew and Kelly welcomed their first child, a set of twins named Sawyer and Chandler, on March 31, 2017. The twins, Sawyer and Chandler, are currently 6 years old.

Sawyer and Chandler are beautiful blonde girls growing to become one of Instagram’s favorite twins, thanks to their mother’s Instagram handle, which she constantly uses to show the world just how beautiful the twins are.

One of such Instagram posts was the one Kelly shared on November 08, 2021, a cute picture of the twins in poodle skirts, hugging each while smiling at the camera. The outfit was likely to be their Halloween costume for the year.

Hunter Stafford

  • Date of birth: August 16, 2018
  • Age: 5 years old


Hunter Stafford, referred to as “Huntie” by her mother, is Matthew Stafford’s third child. The stunning woman with golden hair was born on August 16, 2018. Her parents celebrated her second birthday with a lovely Frozen-themed party.

A picture of the birthday celebration shows her donning a sweet white and blue frock. Kelly commented on a photo she posted of the occasion on her Instagram page, saying that despite her intransigence, Hunter would undoubtedly change the world someday. Hunter is currently five years old.

Tyler Stafford

  • Date of birth: June 28, 2020
  • Age: 3 years old


On June 28, 2020, Matthew Stafford welcomed his fourth and last child Tyler Stafford with his wife, Kelly Stafford. In a picture she shared on Instagram of her and her husband in hospital gowns, Kelly said their family had become “complete.”

Like her three sisters, the 3 years old Tyler is also a beautiful blonde baby girl whose adorable pictures are constantly featured on her mummy’s Instagram page. Indeed, the family is now complete.

Who is their Father, Matthew Stafford?


Matthew Stafford is an American sports personality who plays in the National Football League (NFL). He was born in Tempa, Florida, on February 7, 1988. At 35, he is one of America’s most successful football players and plays the quarterback position for the prominent Los Angeles Rams of the NFL (National Football League).

His 2,634 total completions, 187 passing touchdowns, 30,303 passing yards, and 86.8 passer rating have put him in the highest rating ever set by any of the Detroit Lions quarterbacks in each of the groupings. Besides being one of America’s best quarterbacks, Matthew is also the proud father of his four amazingly beautiful girls with his wife, Kelly Hall.

Matthew Stafford’s Children Are Strong Supporters of Their Daddy’s Sports Career


Matthew Stafford’s children are all still too young to have a definite career path; the girls have, however, unofficially become their Daddy’s cheerleading squad. In February 2022, the little girls showed full support for their Daddy ahead of his team’s big game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Pictures shared on their Mummy’s Instagram story showed the girls dressed for school in All-Rams outfits.

Many Instagram followers and Cincinnati supporters all across the world were moved by the display of loyalty.The Stafford family, which consists of their four daughters, has gained popularity on the internet. The Staffords have triumphed over challenging situations, such as losing their beloved puppy and Kelly’s brain tumor surgery in 2017, even if life is not always blissful.

The family will continue to develop stronger as a unit over time. Although Matthew Stafford does not frequently share updates about his kids’ lives on social media, his wife Kelly’s Instagram feed is always flooded with adorable photos of their daughters. She frequently publishes gorgeous images of the entire family at various gatherings.

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