Meet The 9-Year-Old From “A Kismet Christmas” – Who Is James Tupper’s Parent, Rubi Tupper?

Rubi Tupper Parents: Is The 9-Year-Old From "A Kismet Christmas" James Tupper's Daughter?

Rubi Tupper shared her photo in the excitement of signing another acting project in May 2022 ( Source : instagram )

9-year-old child actress Rubi Tupper has loving parents from Vancouver. Her mother, Sheila, is a fitness coach.

Following her rise to the acting industry with the film A Christmas Miracle for Daisy in 2021, Rubi Tupper is already racking up multiple projects.

The movie did pretty well in the commercial industry, and the Canadian actress also received critically good appreciation. People praised her for her mature performance despite being at such a young age.

In the following year, she has already completed An Amish Sin, while the other two projects, A Kismet Christmas and The Island Between Tides, are in the post-production phase. Among the two, A Kismet Christmas is a fan-awaited project as the audience is re-energized to see the girl in another Christmas-based film.

Compiling the critical acclaim and all-around love from the viewers, Tupper is quickly rising in the ranks and already looks like a promising actress in the making. With fame, several gossip about her personal life have also increased on the internet, as many people wonder if she is the daughter of James Tupper.

Continue reading as we discuss the authenticity of the rumors while exploring more details about the actress, such as her age and parents.


Quick Facts On Rubi Tupper

Real Name Rubi Tupper
Age 9
Nationality Canadian
Birthplace Vancouver, Canada
Mother Sheila Strong
Siblings Scarlett, Florence, Winifred Judith
Profession Actress
Instagram @rubitupper



Rubi Tupper Parents: Is She James Tupper’s Daughter?

Talking about her parents, Rubi Tupper’s mother, Sheila Strong, is active as a fitness coach and her father’s name is undisclosed.

So fans assume she is James Tupper’s daughter. But he is not. She shared a family picture during the 2021 Christmas on Instagram, where she is seen with her parents and siblings. Both, her mother and father, are in the picture, but the details of her dad are unknown.


Rubi Tupper with her parents and siblings during Christmas
Rubi Tupper with her parents and siblings during Christmas ( Source : instagram )


Rubi’s mom, Sheila, has made a career in the fitness section. She is the creator of the Metabolic method and also hosts a podcast in her name. As a health specialist, she helps moms get in better shape and has accumulated over 7600 followers on Instagram due to her good work.

On the other hand, Tupper’s dad’s identity is unknown. There are rumors that James Tupper might be her father since both are Canadian and share the same last name. However, James has a son from his previous relationship but not a known daughter.

Hence, despite the similarities, Rubi is not the daughter of the Canadian actor James Tupper even though they share some similarities.

Rubi Tupper’s Age and Early Life

The Canadian child actress Rubi Tupper is 9 years old. She was born in 2013 and celebrates her birthday on August 5.

In an Instagram post on August 5, Rubi mentioned that it was her ninth birthday while sharing news of her casting in an acting project. Hence, based on her birthday detail, we can process her birthdate as August 5, 2013.

She was born in Vancouver to loving parents and grew up in a good environment with her three siblings. All of them are her sisters and are named Scarlett, Florence, and Winifred Judith, according to Showbiz Cast.

Growing up in a supportive environment, Tupper developed her interest in the entertainment industry at a young age and eventually pursued the same passion.

Rubi Tupper on “A Kismet Christmas”

Rubi Tupper plays the role of Jasmine in the upcoming TV movie A Kismet Christmas.


Rubi Tupper in the A Kismet Christmas film poster
Rubi Tupper in the A Kismet Christmas film poster ( Source : instagram )


The film is about a children’s book author who returns to her hometown to spend time with her family, friends, and childhood crush. While she goes through the joy of Christmas, the lady confronts a legend that may actually be a true story.

Rubi plays a side character in the film, but her role is still good and important in the project. It comes out on October 23 on the Hallmark channel. A Kismet Christmas is Tupper’s third acting project and a second Christmas-based film.


Some Facts

Who Are Rubi Tupper’s Parents?

Rubi Tupper was born to her Canadian parents. Her mother, Sheila Strong, is a fitness coach while her father’s identity is unknown.

How Old Is Rubi Tupper?

The Canadian child actress Rubi Tupper is 9 years old and she celebrates her birthday on August 5.

Is James Tupper The Father Of Rubi Tupper?

No, James Tupper is not the father of Rubi Tupper as the actor only has a son but not a known daughter.

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