Nier Reincarnation tier list to help you pick the best characters

If you are struggling to pick the best characters, our tier list will certainly help

Updated on: August 30th, 2022 – re-checked the list

Do you often get confused while choosing the best weapon and character pairing? Fear not! Our Nier Reincarnation tier list will help get rid of your confusion, as we have ranked them into multiple tiers.

Along with the tier list, we have also provided a brief guide on how you can perform a reroll to shuffle the random characters until you get a good pull.

Nier Reincarnation is a mobile action RPG from Square Enix that’s based on the Nier universe. After its initial announcement in 2020, the game was finally released in July 2021. The story revolves around a girl who’s trapped in a Cage. You’ll be exploring different areas and getting into action while being aided by a ghostly creature following you around.

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The tier list comprises four tiers, S, A, B, C, that have the best weapons and characters categorized according to their utility and viability. Moreover, it helps you identify the best characters the game offers and the ones you should always select to progress quickly.

Original list by Suchit Mohanty, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.

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