“Pictures And Text Messages” Hallie Biden Affair Timeline With Brother In Law Hunter Biden

According to emails, as their tumultuous affair cooled off in the summer of 2018, Hunter Biden requested that Hallie Biden, his brother’s widow, get tested for HIV.

According to the New Yorker, Hallie and Hunter announced their breakup in 2019 after Joe Biden learned about the romance through Page Six, with Hunter pleading with his father to publish a statement endorsing the contentious relationship.

Hunter is now married to Melissa Cohen and has described his relationship with Hallie as a “mess,” He accepts responsibility. Beau, their 2-year-old son, is their only child. Continue reading to learn more about their affair. 


Where Is Hallie Biden Today? Pictures Text Messages Sent To Her By Hunter Biden

In an email to Beau’s widow on July 27, 2018, Hunter Biden, 52, urged Hallie Biden to get tested for HIV, approximately one month before he fathered an out-of-wedlock kid with a former stripper Lunden Roberts.

Hunter replied in an email recovered on his abandoned laptop, “You need to inform me of the result,” according to a copy acquired by The Post. “TODAY. I am getting tested today. I’ve been sick scared Hallie, and you [hang] upon me.”


Hallie Biden and Hunter Biden together in 2017
Hallie Biden and Hunter Biden together in 2017


He also accused Hallie of endangering his mental health and attempting to sever ties with his niece Natalie 3 years after his brother, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, dropped dead of brain cancer at 46.

Hunter stated in the message, “The love you offer is so disturbing,” with the subject line “YOU NEED TO GET TESTED FOR HIV.”

He went on to tell Hallie to “stop the bulls–t” about his niece, accusing her of attempting to “turn” the young adolescent against him.

As per the emails obtained by The Post, the pair had fought bitterly in emails just weeks before, with Hallie accusing Hunter of phoning her “incessantly” only to “block” her when she responded.

Hallie Biden Affair Timeline With Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden were having an affair in March 2017, and Hunter had separated from Kathleen Biden, according to Page Six.

In his April 2021 memoir, “Beautiful Things,” President Biden’s son disclosed that he and Kathleen separated after his first wife discovered erotic text exchanges between himself and his late brother’s widow on an iPad.

Hunter’s uncompromising 271-page book detailing his “rampages” following his divorce, during which he began his affair with Hallie, documented the “rampages” he went on.

However, by the following summer, the relationship had worsened, with Hunter recommending to his ex-girlfriend that she seek counseling.

In December 2016, Kathleen Biden filed for divorce from Hunter Biden. She later claimed in court documents that he “caused financial issues” for the family by lavishly spending on drugs, booze, and prostitutes.

Hunter told the New Yorker that the divorce was finalized in April 2017, and he briefly lived with Hallie Biden and her two children in Maryland before they separated, and he traveled to Los Angeles. Hunter also lost a paternity suit brought against him by Roberts, who gave birth to their girl, Navy Joan Roberts, in August 2018.

Hallie Biden Kids -All We Know About Her Family

Natalie, 17, is the oldest child of Beau and Hallie. Natalie recalled an ancient family Thanksgiving custom with TODAY in January 2021, where she, Maisy, Joe, Hunter, and Beau would make a polar bear plunge into the water in Nantucket in November.


Hallie Biden with her kids
Hallie Biden with her kids


Hunter is her second kid, born in 2006, and is 16 years old. He has his uncle’s name and appears to be quite comfortable surrounded by the many women in his cousin’s entourage.

He also has a TikTok account, where he just posted a dancing video with his sister Natalie.

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