Puzzle & Dragons’ latest collaboration is with the manga series Kingdom

GungHo has announced the next collaboration for the match-3 puzzler Puzzle & Dragons. This time, the hit manga Kingdom is making its way to the game and will take players on a riveting journey through a period in China’s history where multiple states were at war. The only way to survive is by building an army of the greatest warriors in the nation. Players will be able to experience the thrill and tension of this limited-time collaboration until September 4th.

There will be numerous iconic characters from the series up for grabs in the Kingdom Memorial Egg Machine, with a free pull given to everyone for logging on during the collaboration period. Expect to add heroes like He Liao Diao and Qiang Lei to your squad, or make use of formidable enemies like Li Mu and Pang Nuan. Fighting these tough battles will give all of them a chance to warn their place among the Great Generals of Heaven.

The battle will take these characters across four dungeons on Puzzle & Dragons. The Kingdom Dungeon gives away the Kingdom Collab Medal – Gold that can be exchanged at the Monster Exchange for more themed-items, the Challenge Dungeon grants a pull from the Kingdom Memorial Egg Machine for clearing it for the first time, the Great Generals Rush one is a difficult dungeon giving away Rainbow Medals for completion and finally the Fixed Team dungeon forces players to use specific teams for each floor if they want to win a free pull from the Egg Machine.

Sounds like a tedious job? You can fast-track your progress by buying these paid bundles, if you wish:

  • $1.99 – Two Magic Stones and a pull from the Kingdom Egg Machine
  • $19.99 – 20 Magic Stones and a pull from the Qiang Lei Egg Machine
  • $29.99 – 30 Magic Stones and a pull from the six-star Egg Machine

Take your position in this battle by downloading Puzzle & Dragons now for free.

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