Quantic Dream are publishing poetic underwater adventure Under The Waves

Note to self: can we please stop using the sea as a metaphor for grief, please? A Memoir Blue just about got away with it earlier in the year, but now it looks like we’re going for another sorrowful dive with Under The Waves, a new poetic narrative adventure developed by Parallel Studio and published by *deep breath* Quantic Dream. Announced at Geoffcom’s Opening Night Live showcase tonight, we’ll be “exploring the depth of the sea and human grief” when Under The Waves launches in 2023. Here’s a reveal trailer.

In fairness to Under The Waves, Parallel Studio and Quantic Dream have also partnered with non-profit organisation Surfrider Foundation Europe to incorporate themes of ocean conservation into the game as well, putting me in the mind of E-Line’s ocean exploration game, Beyond Blue. There will be “subtle messages” promoting the protection of lakes, rivers, oceans and coastlines mixed into the game, according to the devs, and Quantic Dream are also set to make a donation to the organisation as well.

Unlike Beyond Blue, though, you won’t be tracking whales in this underwater adventure, however, as it’s set in the North Sea during a “techno-futuristic” version of the 1970s. You’ll play as Stan, a professional diver working for an oil company who starts investigating a series of strange events beneath the waves. You’ll be exploring caves, wrecks and interacting with all manner of underwater wildlife during your dives, but the abyss can be a lonely place – perfect for contemplating some old, painful memories, don’t you think?

There’s no set release date for Under The Waves just yet other than a vague 2023 release window, but it will be coming to PC and consoles when it eventually comes out.

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