Renni Rucci is a Mother of 2 Lovely Children – Meet Them

Renni Rucci Kids Details

Cheerleading gave Woliung the opportunity to advance her career and find a lifelong spouse. Despite the fact that he played baseball, she first met her ex-husband when she was a cheerleader in the NFL.

It is unknown what she did for a living after marrying Pete Rose, although it is most likely that she became a housewife to help with their kids’ upbringing.

Sadly, Carol and Pete’s marriage only lasted a few years—more than two decades—before they decided to part ways.

Meet Renni Rucci’s First Child, Cour’don

  • Year of birth: 2007
  • Age: 16 years old


Cour’don is the first child of Renni Rucci. He was born sometime in 2007 in Columbia, South Carolina. Cour’don is now 16 years old, but his exact date of birth is not known. He is an American citizen and belongs to an African-American ethnic group. Cour’don only gained public recognition after her mother became famous, which was not so when he was much younger.

According to records, Renni was only a 16-year-old teenager when she became pregnant with Cour’don and birthed him. As of then, she wasn’t famous yet, so many details about her first child were not clear to the public. However, going by his age, Cour’don might still be receiving his high school education now.

Although the first child of Renni Rucci hasn’t yet chosen a specific professional path, it appears that he is interested in working in the entertainment sector. On his Instagram profile, he frequently posts multiple images of himself with well-known hip-hop artists. This demonstrates that his mother has undoubtedly had an impact on him. With approximately 5,000 Instagram followers, Cour’don has considerable internet popularity.

D’couri is Renni Rucci’s Second Child

  • Year of birth: 2009
  • Age: 14 years old


Renni Rucci’s second child is a daughter named D’couri. She was born in 2009 and is currently 14 years old. Just like her brother, D’couri was also born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina.

Given that the rapper is quite protective of her kids, the school they attend is not known. However, judging by her age, D’couri should possibly be in ninth grade, which is the first year of high school in the US.

Considering her age also, we assume that D’couri is yet to choose a career path for herself. She is still focusing on her education at the moment. Similarly, D’couri has a personal Instagram page with thousands of followers.

Renni Rucci’s Two Kids Have the Same Father

Renni Rucci’s two children, Cour’don and D’couri, have the same father. Although the rapper has kept the identity of the man completely secret, a tweet she made in 2009 confirmed that Cour’don and D’couri have the same father. In the same tweet, Renni Rucci revealed that she was not able to complete high school.

This was because the father of her kids was sentenced to 8 years and 3 months imprisonment for an undisclosed crime, leaving her solely responsible for the financial well-being of her children. So, to meet up with that, she had to take up three minimum-wage jobs at the same time. She had Cour’don when she was 16 and D’couri at the age of 18.

Spending a lot of time with her two kids is Renni Rucci’s priority. Renni added that the stress she had as a teen mother when her children’s father departed caused her to develop a very strong attachment with them. On occasion, she posts pictures of them on her Instagram account.

Renni Rucci began singing at an early age, and she attributes her mother and her high school boyfriend’s support in helping her decide to make music her career. She first worked as a stripper and exotic dancer to supplement her income. Then, in 2017, she published Roll in Peace, which became an instant hit. Since then, she has made a name for herself as a rapper in the American music industry.

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