Robert E. Crimo III Ethnicity, Nationality & Background, What Was His Motive?

Robert E. Crimo III accused of mass shooting at Highland Park ( Source : twitter )

Robert E. Crimo III, a rapper, hails from the Chicago area. Since his private details are not published, his ethnicity remains a mystery. But he seems to be of mixed ethnicity.

Robert is the prime suspect in the Highland Park shooting at the 4th of July parade. The dreadful incident happened yesterday, July 4, 2022, and six people were killed, and dozens of people were injured.


Robert E. Crimo III Ethnicity And Nationality

Since Robert E. Crimo III belongs to the Chicago area, he holds American nationality. Additional details on his ethnicity are not available, but he looks like he may be of mixed ethnicity. He is an aspiring rapper who was born on September 20, 2020. His parents are Robert “Bob” Crimo II and Denise Crimo.


Robert Crimo's father giving candidacy for the 2019 mayoral seat
Robert Crimo’s father giving candidacy for the 2019 mayoral seat( Source : facebook )


His father owns Highland Park’s Bob’s Pantry and Deli, while his mother, Denise, serves as a holistic wellness practitioner. Bob also announced his candidacy for the mayor of Highland Park in 2019. Robert spent his childhood with his two siblings, with whom he shares an emotional attachment.

Robert was a silent kid in his youth who loved to keep things private. Since the news of his involvement in the mass shooting at Highland Park has been streamed all over the internet, people are curious to discover more about him.

About Robert E. Crimo III Background

A 22-year-old rapper, Robert E. Crimo III, is identified as a prime suspect and is apprehended for carrying out a mass shooting at a Fourth of July parade. Robert began his career as a rapper in 2011, and since then, he has been recognized as Awake the Rapper.



While scrolling through his background, there were no complaints about his involvement in criminal activities before this incident. However, it has been found that he once posted disturbing images on social media, including one of a person who the cops had shot down.

His teenage years were when he first developed a love of music. Since posting his music online lately, he has established himself as an aspirational rapper. Millions of listeners enjoyed his song On My Mind when it was released on October 8, 2018.

What Was His Motive?

The recent incident at Highland Park has swirled all over social media. But the gunman’s motive behind this terrible crime has still not been discovered. The police officer grabbed him in North Lake Forest, Chicago.

He was last seen driving a 2010 silver Honda Fit with the Illinois license plate DM80653, and people are wondering what prompted a 22-year-old boy to commit such a horrible crime.



Since his involvement in any political party is not identified, it will take some time to find the gunman’s motive. He was imprisoned and accused of murdering six people at a July 4th parade.

The officers are interrogating him about the incident. He hasn’t been charged, though; more specific information about this situation must be made public.

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