Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 survives durability tests

Just as we wrapped our review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, JerryRigEverything’s durability test of the same device drops. Construction and structural integrity of the Z Fold4 remains unchanged over the Z Fold3, except for the update from Gorilla Glass Victus to Victus Plus on the external display. The Z Fold4 is still IPX8 water resistant, and the internal display is still protected by a plastic cover.

Gorilla Glass Victus Plus didn’t have any additional scratch-resistant properties, as the external display still scratched at a level 6 (of Moh’s scale of hardness) with deeper grooves at a level 7. Meanwhile, the internal display is still soft enough that Samsung needs to warn you not to press too hard as fingernails can leave permanent marking. A level 2 pick will leave permanent marks here.

After leaving permanent burn marks in both displays using a lighter, and scratches all over the various materials of the phone with a razor blade, the Z Fold4 was dusted with gravel on both sides of its hinge. After opening and closing the device several times, the hinge survived the gravel’s attempted breach.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 survives durability tests

Finally came the bend test, attempting to bend the device while it was closed proved to be difficult. When trying to bend the Z Fold4’s screen past its open position, it didn’t budge very much. The Z Fold4 has passed the JerryRigEverything durability test.


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