Shaniqua Tompkins and 50 Cent Relationship: All About Marquise Jackson’s Mother

Everything To Know About The Popular 50 Cent And Shaniqua Tompkins's Relationship

Shaniqua Tompkins and Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) made headlines in the 1990s because of their relationship.

Shaniqua Tompkins is the ex-girlfriend and baby mama of the famous American rapper Curtis Jackson.

Besides being a rapper, he is a businessman and an actor. Born in the South Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, the rapper was in love with Tompkins. The former couple had met through a mutual friend and developed intense feelings for one another, leading to love life. However, issues in the relationship began after the rapper allegedly abused Tompkins.

Tompkins gave birth to their son Marquise Jackson on October 13, 1997. The birth of their son changed Jackson’s outlook on life. He stated, ” when my son came into my life, my priorities changed because I wanted to have the relationship with him that I didn’t have with my father.”

Shaniqua Tompkins was born on September 17, 1975, in Queens, New York, United States of America. She is a media personality by profession. As of 2022, she is 47 years old.

The podcast was launched with the major objective of empowering women so that they can know their uniqueness, strength, and abilities. She has two children named Mia Jackson and Marchioness Jackson.


Quick Info About Shaniqua Tompkins

Full name Shaniqua Tompkins
Age 47 years
Birth date 1975, September 17
Birth Place Queens, New York, United States
Profession Media Personality
Children 2
Net worth $3 million
Sibling Ayanna Laws
Instagram @shaniqua_tompkins



Shaniqua Tompkins and 50 Cent Relationship

Shaniqua Tompkins was in a live-in relationship with the famous rapper 50 Cent during the initial and mid-90s.

The rapper is very prominent in the United States like Lil Zay Osama. The relationship between these two, unfortunately, took a ugly turn and led to separation. The quarrel between them was intense to such an extent that the matter went straight to court.

Tompkins blamed the rapper for trying to evict her from their New York home and filed a complaint against him. The complaint got registered with a $50 million lawsuit against him. However, the case was dismissed by the court.

After the incident, the rapper 50 cent said he was very grateful for the decision made by the court. “I knew that once the facts were heard, justice would prevail. I hope we can put this behind us ad move on with our lives”, he added.


Rapper and Singer 50 Cent during his performance
Rapper and Singer 50 Cent during his performance ( Source : cheatsheet )


Tompkins would be featured in a reality show called Start Women. It usually spoke about the lives of those women who supported their partners before they became popular. With the intention of the show, she filmed a lot.

However, 50 Cent filed a strike order with the TLC channel, and Tompkins had to quit the show over his threat. Shaniqua had filed a lawsuit against the singer for a house that suspiciously burned in 2008. The fire luckily didn’t cause much harm to anyone except a few people suffocated.

Post the fire incident, Tompkins blamed it was an attempt by the rapper to take the lives of her and her children. However, in return for that, 50 Cent filed a report with a $20 million lawsuit against her for an insulting statement.

Who Is Marquise Jackson’s Mother Shaniqua Tompkins? Wiki Bio

Marquise Jackson’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins is the ex-girlfriend of the famous rapper and actor 50 Cent.

Shaniqua belongs to the United States of America and her birthplace is Queens, New York. She was born in the year 1975 and as of 2022, she is 47 years old. Shaniqua legally separated from her boyfriend in the year 2008.

Tompkins is a media personality. She spent her childhood in her hometown, Queens. She has been consistently searched on the internet for being an ex-partner of a celebrity.


Shaniqua Tompkins along with her two children
Shaniqua Tompkins along with her two children ( Source : instagram )


Despite that, she is also a reality star herself. She keeps on advocating women’s issues through different podcasts she organizes. She has been in the media for a long time and is uplifting her career very well.

She launched a podcast named 2 Queens to reinforce women of every color to make sure that they recognize their power and strength. Regarding her podcast, she said, “I do not think we have gone through everything we have been through publicly and privately not to be able to help the fellow queen adjust her crown.”

Tompkins often shares about her younger sister Ayanna Laws. She is nineteen years younger than Tompkins. Ayanna was born on 1994, November 19.

Shaniqua Tompkins Age and Net Worth

Shaniqua Tompkins is forty-seven years old as of 2022. According to famousfacewiki.com, she has a net worth of $3 Million.

She came to the notice of many people while she dated the famous rapper 50 Cent. Her popularity rose even more after the couple separated. She was also seen appearing in the reality show called Starter Wives after her breakup with the singer.

Shaniqua is also very active on her social media profiles. She is available on Instagram under the username @shaniqua_tompkins. She has got 85.5k followers on her social media profile and has 519 posts. Tompkins frequently posts about her children and her younger sister.

Tompkins also has a daughter named Mia Jackson, a sibling of Marquise Jackson. However, their biological father of Mia is not known yet. Both the children live together with Tompkins.


Some Facts

How old is Shaniqua Tompkins?

Shaniqua Tompkins is 47 years old as of 2022

What is the net worth of $3 Million?

Shaniqua Tompkins has a net worth of $3 Million

Who is the son of Shaniqua Tompkins?

Shaniqua Tompkins has a son named Marquise Jackson

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