Shutthekaleup aka Jeannette Divorce With AJ Ogden, Was The Musician Cheating?

Jeannette Aranda With Her Family ( Source : thetalkstoday )

Jeannette Aranda, better known as Shutthekaleup Jeannette is an Instagram influencer for nutrition, health, and wellbeing.

She only has one plan, which is to not have one and do whatever she likes. Thousands of people adore Jeannette Ogden on Instagram, which initially served as a platform for sharing how she beat her disordered eating and subsequently grew to become far more than she could have ever imagined.

She is a mother, a wife, and a health fanatic who is passionate about speaking on themes relevant to real life and sharing stories on a regular basis. She has given many people the confidence they need to pay attention to their bodies and make better lifestyle decisions.


Shutthekaleup Jeannette And AJ Ogden Divorce

On social media, there are reports that Shut the Kale Up is getting a divorce from her husband.

The claims can’t be confirmed because she hasn’t made any posts about getting a divorce or experiencing a troubled relationship with her spouse AJ. Nevertheless, it is apparent that her Instagram does not contain any pictures of her and her husband.


Jeannette Aranda With Her Husband
Jeannette Aranda With Her Husband ( Source : shutthekaleup )


Perhaps the reports that the pair have split up may be accurate but we cannot make assumptions based on a rumor. The information could be false since no official confirmation has been made.

Instagram posts from Jeannette’s past featuring her family, including her husband AJ and children, have been deleted. Not a single image of her husband can be found on social media.

Who is Shutthekaleup Jeannette’s Husband? Was He Cheating?

Jeannette Aranda is married to AJ Ogden, who supports his wife in maintaining her Instagram brand.

There isn’t much information available about her spouse, and it’s possible that he prefers to stay out of the spotlight than his wife does because her job requires her to interact with social media.

Jeannette and AJ connected at a church, she pursued him, and they quickly grew close before getting married. Regarding how to raise their kids, they have frequently disagreed. She was not supportive of his path as a member of a Christian band that needed him to travel so frequently, and he resented the idea that she was an influencer.



Ogden declared that she and her spouse would start attending couples counseling in January 2021 and published several pictures of herself sobbing. Due to her own marital issues, her mother also temporarily resided with them between September 2020 till a period in the middle of 2021.

Her relationship with AJ, according to sources who have actually met her, has never been smooth. He despised that she was an influencer and started showing the kids online at a young age because they had completely different views on how to raise children.

Although, there is no information on his cheating scandal with Jeannette.

Shutthekaleup Jeannette Age And Net Worth

According to Famous Birthdays, Shutthekaleup Jennette has a whopping net worth of $1.5 million.

She was born on August 25, 1988, and is currently 34 years old. Growing up with two brothers, Jeannette Ogden had a tomboyish childhood. Her native tongue is Spanish because both of her parents were born in Mexico.



After only three months of studies, she left college to pursue a career as an influence. As she got successful, her wealth also started to rise. Now, she sells food, beauty products, fashion, kids products, and home items on her website, “shutthekaleup.com.”

Her family of four resides in Southern California. She occasionally shares pictures of herself with her mother, who she considers to be her biggest role model. On Instagram, where Jeannette has a sizable following of 342K under the handle “@shutthekaleup.”

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