Singer Bobbi T Thomasson on “Spotify: The Playlist” Is A Fictional Character, But Is Her Story Real?

The Netflix series The Playlist indulges us in creating a new generation of the music business; Spotify, introducing the character of singer Bobbi T.

The series is getting up in the hype as people are keen to know if the main character, singer Bobbi T Thomasson exists in reality or not. People are amazed how the series has hooked the audience and made them eager about the characters living in the series. Along with this, Netflix has released many superhit series this year, including The Women, Twenty-Five Twenty-One, The Watcher, and many more.

The Playlist talks about how Swedish tech entrepreneur Daniel Ek and business partner Martin Lorentzon revolutionized the music industry through free and legal music streaming when they launched Spotify. Showing the formation of Spotify, the series introduces us to the character of singer Bobbi T Thomasson.

The brand new series, The Playlist, is inspired by Sven Carlsson and Jonas Leijonhufvud’s book “Spotify Untold.” Netflix has made this into a mini-series captivating the viewer’s attention with the help of the narrative character of Bobbi. The character herself has created a massive wave of a craze in the audience and has been one of the reasons for the popularity of the series.

Today, in this article, we will uncover if singer Bobbi T Thomasson on The Playlist is real or a fictional character.


Quick Facts about Janice Kavander

Full Name Janice Deborah Kavander Kamya
Nickname Janice Kavander
Date of birth 29 September, 1994
Birthplace Enskede, Sweden
Profession Singer
Age 28 years
Years active 2016-present
Instagram janice.this



Who Is Singer Bobbi T Thomasson on Spotify Playlist? Is She Real?

Singer Bobbi T Thomasson on the Netflix series The Playlist is a fictional character and does not exist in real life.

Bobbi is the central narrative character in the latest Netflix series, The Playlist. Bobbi is a show stealer being a professional artist. The singer is shown as a blessed person, full of passion and drives toward music. She is a bundle of joy, talent, and realism, pursuing her dream of becoming one famous artist in the future.

Bobbi T is shown as a young and aspiring girl full of talent who is known for her great singing and songwriting skills. She is a newly signed songwriter-singer by Sony Music. Moreover, she was also included on Spotify’s intensive chart from the get-go.


Swedish singer Janice during her wediing ceremony with her best friend Marvin Asante
Swedish singer Janice during her wediing ceremony with her best friend Marvin Asante ( Source : instagram )


Her determination to achieve her goal and her undying hope had been a driving challenge by the use of all of it, and it’s moreover what drove her to battle in opposition to Daniel, who was her high school batchmate, as quickly because the battle over royalties merely purchased was way too high to be reached easily.

The series shows that Bobbi is a great singer who has released six albums in ten years, although she couldn’t earn a high-end lifestyle through her talent. So, she had to take an extra job being a performer and do gigs in the local pub. Although she is the main character in the series, she doesn’t exist in reality.

Bobbi T Played By Janice Kavander: Meet The Swedish Singer

Famous singer Janice Kavander played Bobbi T Thomasson’s role in the playlist series.

Swedish singer Janice is all in the media for gracefully portraying the character of Bobbi in the series, which shows the formation of Spotify, which created a revolution in the music business. Janice was one of the best choices for the role as she is familiar with Spotify as an artist.

She also stated, “It was quite an experience, and a challenge, to play something I am. But I wasn’t supposed to play myself; I had to believe I could portray Bobbi. She’s not just one singer; she represents several artists: the big ones, the small ones, the up-and-coming, the ones that thrive, and the ones that want to fight for their passion.”


Janice Kavander performing during a concert
Janice Kavander performing during a concert ( Source : thecinemaholic )


Janice Deborah Kavander Kamya, better known as Janice Kavander, is a famous Swedish singer born on 29 September 1994. She was taken to a Ugandan father and a Finnish mother and was a dancer in her childhood days. Later, she broke into the music industry in 2016 after releasing her single Don’t Need To. Her latest release, I Don’t Know A Thing About Love, was also a significant hit.

Bobbi T Thomasson and Daniel Ek Relationship: Is It True Story?

Bobbi T Thomasson and Daniel Ek portrayed the role of high schoolmates and competitors in the story.

Bobbi and Daniel are both singers in the series, The Playlist. They were both in the same school during her teens and later became each other competitors in the series. They both are fictional characters, so their story in the series is not true and is just imagination.


Some Facts

Who is Janice Kavander?

Janice Kavander is a Swedish singer born in Enskede, Sweden.

Whose role is Janice Kavander in The Playlist?

Janice Kavander is playing the role of singer Bobbi T Thomasson in The Playlist.

When was Janice Kavander born?

Janice Kavander was born on 29 September, 1994 and is currently 28 years old.


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