Some Facts To Know About Megan Savard, Jacob Hoggard’s Lawyer

Megan Savard, Jacob Hoggard's Lawyer - 5 Facts To Know

Megan Savard is the criminal and regulatory lawyer who has worked with the famous musician Jacob Hoggard. 

Jacob is a Canadian singer and has been associated with a pop-rock band called Hedley. He was born on July 9, 1984, in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

The singer was raised in Abbotsford, British Columbia, and Surrey. Hoggard has received education at Senator Reid Elementary School and Mennonite Educational Institute, Yale Secondary School in Abbotsford.

Jacob started his career on Canadian Idol, appearing on the second season of the Television reality show. He made it into the finale three during the show. After that, the singer initiated the band called Hedley along with other stars Dave Rosin, Tommy Mac, and Chris Crippin.

He was married to his high school sweetheart in the year 2005, however, the couple eventually separated in 2009. He married Canadian actress Rebekah Asselstine on December 31, 2018.

Hoggard has been a part of Young Artists for Haiti and the song also reached number one on the Canadian Hot 100 charts. The singer has stepped away from his professional life as a singer since 2018.

After having some legal issues, the famous singer hired Megan as his personal lawyer and she has been handling all the cases involved with him. As of now, Megan is also a celebrity lawyer similar to Elaine Bredehoft.


Details about Megan Savard

Full name Megan Savard
Age 35-40 years
Date of birth 1982-1987
Place of birth Canada
Profession Lawyer
LinkedIn Megan Savard
Net worth More than $1 million
Spouse Phil Savard
Children 1



Jacob Hoggard Lawyer is an award winner

Jacob Hoggard has been charged with assault in March 2022 causing bodily harm in a June 16 encounter in Ontario. His charge was made public on June 2 and the singer was scheduled to appear in court on August 4, 2022.

His lawyer Megan Savard is a partner at Savard Foy LLP. She primarily practices criminal, constitutional, and regulatory law, with a particular focus on offenses, privacy law, and complex constitutional litigation.


The Precedent Setter Award Winning lawyer Megan Savard
The Precedent Setter Award Winning lawyer Megan Savard ( Source : lawandstyle )


Savard is one of the top lawyers in Canada. She has experience in trial and appellate advocacy. At the same time, she has worked at all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

She graduated from the University of Toronto and has worked as an Articling Student, Judicial Clerk, and Associate in Law Groups. As of now, besides being a practicing lawyer, Savard lectures frequently at conferences and universities about emerging issues.

The lawyer received the Precedent Setter Award in the year 2019. The award recognizes lawyers for their excellence and leadership in the legal community.

Similarly, Megan is an active leader in Canada’s premier advocacy organizations. She has been appointed the director of the Criminal Lawyer’s Association and she co-chairs its Litigation Committee.

5 Facts about Jacob Hoggard Lawyer Megan Savard

  1. Jacob Hoggard’s lawyer Megan Savard is the founding partner at Savard Foy LLP with outstanding skills in Criminal Defense, Legal Research, and Appeals.
  2. The defense lawyer has won the 2019 Precedent Setter Award for her service in the justice system.
  3. In the year 2017, Savard presented the Criminal’s Association at the Supreme Court of Canada in a case that, ultimately, reaffirmed a defendant’s right to a speedy trial.
  4. Megan’s husband, Phil Savard is the general counsel for Acerus Pharma and she shares a son with him.
  5. She is recognized by the Best Lawyers in Canada in Appellate Practice and Criminal Defence and acts as a duty counsel for the Ontario Court of Appeal’s Inmate Appeal Duty Counsel Program.


Some Facts

Who is Megan Savard?

Megan Savard is a popular lawyer based in Canada and practices criminal, constitutional, and regulatory law.

Who is Megan Savard married to?

Megan Savard is married to Phil Savard, who is the general counsel for Acerus Pharma.

Which celebrity is Megan Savard working for?

Megan Savard is the lawyer to famous Canadian former singer and song-writer Jacob William Hoggard.

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