Tear gas incident: Affected students back home, safe, healthy – Osun govt

Tear gas incident: Affected students back home, safe, healthy – Osun govt

In response to the incidence of kids at Fakunle Unity Comprehensive High School in Osogbo being gassed with tear gas, the Osun State Government has taken action.

According to a Tuesday report from DAILY POST, tear gas was used during training drills and affected a large number of children at the secondary school next to the 39 Squadron Police Mobile Force base in Osogbo.

Many of the injured pupils were consequently sent to various hospitals in the city of Osogbo.

The Osun State Ministry of Education’s Permanent Secretary, Dr. Adelani Aderinola, responded by confirming that the students had been released to their individual families.

Dr. Aderinola stated in a statement to press in Osogbo on Wednesday that “The students are back home and healthy as of Tuesday evening after the incident occurred.”

The Osun Police Command said that the teargas was the outcome of a training practice and fitness exercise by the PMF officers in an official statement by the Commissioner of Police, Patrick Kehinde Longe, and made public by its spokesman, Yemisi Opalola.

“The Police Command wishes to advise the general public that, as part of their customary exercise, the mobile policemen 39 squadrons, Osogbo, shot tear gas at approximately 8:30 am on May 23, 2023, while they were doing their regular drill and fitness exercise in their compound.

“During the procedure, the wind sent the smoke (Teargas) in the direction of Fakunle Comprehensive High School, which is directly across from the Mobile Police Base (Office).

Some of the children coughed after breathing in the gas, which had an impact on them.

“They were rushed right away to the Living Spring Hospital behind the school and the UNIOSUN Teaching Hospital, respectively.

“The State’s Police authorities quickly went to the hospitals to evaluate the situation. They have all received care and been released.

Adebola Folake, a parent who responded to the situation, requested the responsible authorities to remove the PMF base from the city center right away.

She said, “As a result of the recurrence of such instances, residents and those conducting business in the neighborhood have also been victims.

“This incident has been happening for a while, and this time it became a problem since it harmed pupils. The organization has received a number of complaints.

“The government should transfer the police station to a different location, or the Mobile Police should move its teargas drilling operations from the weekdays to the weekends.

“What if there was a student there who had asthma? To avoid a repeat of the situation, appropriate precautions must be taken, she advised.

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